‘Daughter from Another Mother’: 5 Shocking Facts about Season 1 and 2!

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  • POSTED ON: January 20, 2021

Have you ever wondered
what life would’ve been like if one of your kids had gotten swapped with
another kid at the hospital?

There have been many
series in the recent times with somewhat similar storylines – but this comedy
drama is an interesting take on the “tragedy”.

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The Netflix TV Series
is about two Mexican mothers whose daughters get switched at birth and—
interestingly, they’re unaware of this swap—so they both try to come up with
peculiar ways to bond with their real daughters.

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The Mexican comedy is
all set to premier on Netflix on Wednesday, the 20th of January. And
by the looks of it, it’s going to be completely berserk.

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If you’re looking for a
mad comedy to binge this month, this one should definitely make it to your

We have compiled a list
of five shocking facts for you, but before you read them, make sure to like our
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Okay, get ready for the
amazing facts related to this fantastic Netflix series!

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  1. Viewers living in the west coast are the
    luckiest of the lot, because they’d get to watch the show – and spill spoilers
    online – before the rest of the world! For them, the first season will be
    available at 12 AM, which is naturally earlier than the viewers living in other
  2. Viewers who are living in the Pacific
    Time zone can catch the show at 12:00, too!
  3. Viewers who are located on the East
    Coast have to wait it out a little, as the show will premier late at night – at
    around 3 AM. Hence, it’s better to have your good night sleep and watch the
    show the next morning! But hey, if you’re too excited because of the star cast
    and the hilarious plotline, pull an all-nighter!
  4. To stay updated and get notified as soon as
    the show becomes available in your region, make sure you click the Remind Me
    button on the Netflix app.
  5. And also, the trailer of the show might
    be entirely in Mexican with no subtitles, but the actual series will include
    them. Of course, the showrunners realize that the content has global interest
    and humor can always be catered to a wide audience.

are you excited to watch two mothers lose their shit on TV?  As we know, Mexican mothers are quite
passionate and express their feelings profusely. We can’t wait to see the
magic unfold on screen, because the cast and plot seem really promising.


you know that
Ludwika Paleta, Paulina Goto, and Martin Altomoro
will be part of the series? They’ve done some commendable work in the past and
have been flag bearers in the league of comedy!

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Updated January 20, 2021
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