‘Daughter From Another Mother’ Netflix Review: Stream It or Skip It?

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  • POSTED ON: January 20, 2021

Netflix is coming up
with a brand new comedy series for viewers and it’s called Daughter from
another Mother!  The Mexican dramedy is
all set to premier on the Netflix on 20th Jan, 2021. So, if you were
searching for new shows to binge watch this week, this is the one!

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First, let us tell you
that, according to the Netflix reviews, this Mexican comedy series is being
considered the best TV shows of the year.

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The series will drop a
bit early on the west coast – lucky for some – and the viewers living in the
Pacific zone can start the show at 12:00 am at latest!  Of course, it’s just the time zones that seem
to clash and there’s no issue from the showrunners’ end.

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Similarly, if you’re
someone from the East side, it’s better to just go to sleep and start the show
the next day, since the show will premier by 3 AM in your region. But hey, if
you’re looking forward to it, just pull an all-nighter. It’s not like we have to
go anywhere, right? Hooray to WFH!

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You can watch the show
instantly as it emerges on the official or desktop page, or you can simply
click the Remind Me button so that you get notified as soon as the show becomes
available in your region.

Okay, so what is the
series based on? Is it really funny or not? These are some of the questions
running through your mind, and we’re here to address them all.

According to the
official synopsis, the show is about two women whose babies get switched at
birth (OF COURSE!), and so, they come up with a plan to adjust to their new
routine and lives. And what do they resolve at? Well, they decide to start an
interesting family in which every person has a peculiar personality. Sounds
good to us!

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The trailer doesn’t
have English subtitles, but don’t worry, the show will include them so that a
wider set of audiences can access and understand the show.

Again – The series, Daughter
from Another Mother, will be premiered on the 20th of January, 2021.
The comedy series has two set of mothers with distinct personalities whose
children got switched in a hospital andnow, to be close to their real
daughters, they try unique ways.

The show has
LudwikaPaleta, Paulina Goto, and Martin Altomoro in the lead roles. Do watch
the show and tell us if you found it funny!

Final Verdict: STREAM IT!

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Updated January 20, 2021
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