‘Death to 2020’: 5 Shocking Reasons Why ‘Black Mirror’ Creators Selfishly Mock The Pandemic!

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  • POSTED ON: December 28, 2020

The year 2020 will forever be remembered as the most
devastating year of all time! Do you have any doubt? Of course, you don’t! And here’s how you should bid farewell to this most pathetic year!

It’s the year when over 1.7 million people died of the
pandemic, racial unrest gripped the world, and humanity found itself in a
threatening situation!

But here’s the thing; how do you feel when these horrifying
incidents of 2020 will be presented to you with a satirical edge? Does it feel

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Well, “Black Mirror” creator Charlie Brooker and executive
producer Annabel Jones think that it does!

Do you remember those memes about how 2020 has been an
episode of Black Mirror? We’re pretty sure Black Mirror creators have heard
those jokes and decided to give their perspectives on this year with an added satirical

Yes! Death to 2020 is the latest addition to Netflix’s documentaries, more like a mockumentarty, featuring a series of fictional
character discussing prominent events of 2020 including COVID-19 and U.S

Apparently, the creators of dystopian sci-fi series think
that people won’t have an appetite to digest another season of Black Mirror,
but they do believe that people will enjoy recounting the devastating events of
2020 with a mixture of satire and comedy.

Guess they turned out to be wrong!

Here are five shocking reasons of this Netflix mockumentary and why fans think Black Mirror
creators are being selfish in their latest Netflix Original:

it was profoundly unfunny!

By now everyone must be already exhausted, war-torn, and
tired, and the last thing we would want to see is a reflection of the past
events, in any form, right? Guess Back Mirror creators didn’t get that!

Despite the impressive cast representing various perspectives
about the pandemic, starring Cristin Milioti, Hugh Grant, Sameuel L.Jackson, Lisa Kudrow, Leslie Jones, Tracey Ulman and more, “Death to 2020” is
straight-out unfunny!

It’s the same-old political satire, recounting the year
embellished with dull commentary and unlimited stereotypes. Brooker made something
even less funny than half of your twitter feeds, believe us!

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even tried to make fun of the most dreadful events of 2020, including the
murder of George Floyd

With the help of archival footages from the early 2020 that
nobody wants to recount in the first place, “Death to 2020” diverts its focus
from the Brexit and pandemic to other prominent events like the murders of
Breonna Taylor, and the Black Lives Matter protests held in the summers.

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you must be wondering, how the hell could one make these events funny? Well,
actually they tried to, but inevitably failed! 2020 has been a really rough
year, and adding a comic flair to it is like rubbing salt into a fresh wound!

are predictable ridiculing of high-profile political figures like Trump and
President-elect Joe Biden

It felt like the mockumentary recycled those centuries-old techniques
when it comes to the insults of high-profile political figures.

There’s nothing
you will find in the mockumentary that you haven’t heard before, or more like
you haven’t seen a meme on before!

Honestly, we should give more credit to Twitteratis for
making much funnier memes about politics than these high-budgeted
political satires.

This 70-minute special has all those worn-out jokes about
Joe Biden’s age and his personality as a generous “phantom.” These jokes have
been used, digested, and pooped out several times already!

Like haven’t you
seen someone sharing a meme about Trump, claiming drinking bleach might cure
the virus? You have, right? Then you will find plenty of those in this

this mockumentary will make you realize just how much you didn’t want to recall
the year 2020!

While being teased as something aimed to offer catharsis to
our 2020 sufferings, “Death to 2020” offers an unwanted reminder about just how
much you didn’t want to relive the past events of 2020.

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Just when we’re a few days away from getting the hell out of
2020, we certainly don’t want to reflect the whole year for 70 minutes, as if
living it wasn’t enough! Like the year it is based on, Death to 2020 is a pain
in the a*s!

While we certainly wish a painful death to 2020, let’s just
channel the same energy on wishing death to flicks and movies based on the
pandemic, especially the ones that promise relief but hardly make any

Death to 2020 is enough to make us realize that Hollywood isn’t
ready to handle this topic yet, and honestly, it’s best if they don’t—at least
not until after we cure our 2020 hangover and learn more about humanities!  

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Updated December 28, 2020
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