Disney Renames TV Studio To 20th Television

  • POSTED ON: 11/Aug/2020

Disney has recently purchased 20th Century Fox TV Studio and dropped Fox from the name. Apparently, the company wants to rebrand the studio to simply 20th Television and make it a part of the larger Disney’s TV studios.

In addition, FOX 21 Television Studios is getting a new name! It will now be known as Touchstone Television which is a TV brand that Disney stopped utilizing back in 2007. We wonder why the company is so adamant on removing every last bit of Fox from its assets. Apart from this, Disney is also this rebranding scheme to merge ABC Studios with ABC Signature.

Soon enough all the logos and end cards will be different for the TV shows. This includes the episodes of The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, and American Dad. However, the old episodes of the channel will continue to showcase the original logos.

Earlier this year, Disney had announced that it would change the name for 20th Century Fox and Fox Searchlight Pictures film studios – but that’s when only the name of Fox was dropped. To be honest, 20TH-century Studios and Searchlight Pictures simply sound more aesthetic and clean. And if they really wanted to change the name, why didn’t they go with 21st Century, like at least be accurate with the century.

Apparently the reason why they’re dropping the name ‘Fox’ is that Disney wants to be clear about its assets.


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