Disney+ To Increase Its Price To $8/Month With 10+ New Marvel and Star Wars Series!

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  • POSTED ON: December 11, 2020

Disney + is a streaming platform owned by the Hollywood giant Disney. It streams movies and shows from various Disney franchises including Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars

In a recent event, Disney disclosed that it would raise the monthly price of subscription by $1 to $8/month. This will be effective as of March. The company hosted a four-hour event in which announcements were made that 10 new Marvel and Star Wars series will be releasing in the next few years. Disney also plans to release new animated movies included Raya and Last Dragon for streaming on the same day of its release.

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The company is being forced to make this decision because of the pandemic; otherwise, Disney movies don’t make it to Disney+ until it has been at least eight months to their premieres. 

If you’re a big fan of Disney’s movies and series, you’ll be excited to hear that 10 Marvel series and 10 “Star Wars” series are on their way to your screens. Here’s the list of the top titles you should be waiting for. 

1. Wanda Vision 

One of the most anticipated miniseries of Disney + is Wanda Vision. It is based on the comic characters Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet witch, and Vision. The series will follow the continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, portraying the events that occur after the Avengers Endgame. The show is to be released on January 15th.

2. The Falcon and the Winter Solider 

Releasing in March, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is also a New Marvel show based on the characters Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. The miniseries will pick up where Avenger’s Endgame left off. The shooting for the show had started in 2019 and went on till March 2020 before the pandemic hit the world. The filming was resumed in early September 2020 in the Czech Republic.

3. Loki 

Loki has his show, oh yeah you read that right. The most hated and loved villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be back to our screens sometime in May. Tom Hiddleston will be getting back in his role and the miniseries will start in an alternate timeline that Loki created in one of the films.

4. Hawkeye

The miniseries Hawkeye is to be released in the fall of 2021, depicting the life of the characters of the same name after the events of Avengers Endgame. If you’re among the few people who haven’t watched the movie, we suggest you do so right away. 

5. What If? 

Disney announced an animated Marvel show called What if? The trailer has been released where you can get the first look at the series. What’s special about this show is that the characters are voiced by the original Marvel stars, which means we’ll have our Tony Stark back, he’s just going to be a cartoon.

6. Iron heart

Ironheart is a fictional superhero starring in the Marvel comic; the series is in development for Disney +. The amazing Dominique Thorne will play Ironheart. We’re waiting for the trailer to drop so we’ll finally know what to expect.

7. Armor Wars

Armor Wars is essentially a seven-issue Iron Man comic which is written by Bob Layton and David Michelinie. While the protagonist is going to be Colonel James Rhodes, we’re hoping Tony Stark will also make a guest appearance.

8. Secret Invasion

No release date has been announced for this series but all we know is that Nick Fury will be back as the director of SHIELD and will get back to saving the universe as usual.

9. Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel

While we don’t have many details on any of these titles, we know that She-Hulk will be played by the talented Tatiana Maslany and Ms. Marvel will be played by Iman Vellani. These shows will be interlinked with the story arcs of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

10. Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

Marvel Studio is working on a Holiday Special of Guardians of the Galaxy for Disney +. It will be released in 2022. One thing that you need to know is that Groot is getting his short film, called I Am Groot. We’ll finally know where the cute plant creature came from.

11. Star Wars: The Bad Batch 

The Bad Batch is an animated series that is to be released in 2021. This series will depict the clones of the Bad Batch and follow them through their journey of exploring the galaxy after the Clone war. The avid viewers of Star Wars will love this series as they experience the adventures of the Bad Batch.

12. Ahsoka

Ahsoka Tano, one of the most loved characters of the Star Wars universe, is getting her own series. It was announced in December 2020. Ahsoka is deeply connected with the story arcs of two other Star Wars series that are The Mandalorian and the Rangers of the New Republic. These two series were also announced this month. The creators have already planned future crossovers.

13. Rogue Squadron

Disney has also announced that the next main Star Wars movie will be coming out in December 2023. It’ll be directed by Patty Jenkins, who also worked on the 1984 Wonder Woman. The film will follow a group of fighter pilots as they fight wars to defeat evil.

14. Obi-Wan Kenobi

All Star Wars fans will be excited to hear that Hayden Christensen is coming back as Darth Vader in the new series Obi-Wan Kenobi. The production of the show is set to start in March and it will pick up after 10 years of the events that occurred in Star Wars: Episode III.

While we’ve only managed to cover the top 14 new Marvel and Star Wars Series and movies coming to Disney + in the next few years, you’ll be thrilled to know that the list goes on to a total of 52 new titles. We’ve never wanted time to go by any faster than we do now!

Updated December 11, 2020
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