DJ i_o: the Real Reason of Garret Lockhart’s Untimely Death!

  • POSTED ON: 25/Nov/2020

The techno world is mourning the sudden death of Garret Falls Lockhart—professionally known as DJ i_o—at the age of 30!

The announcement of his death was made from his official Twitter account on Monday, stating, “The world lost a beautiful soul.”

The tweet further reads, “This extremely talented spirit taught us that even if nothing matters, you can still lead with love.”

Garret’s truth and soul lives on through the music he shared. Rest in peace Garret, we love you,” the statement added.

The news came in as a shocker for EMD fans, as the artist was seen promoting his music until his death. He shared the latest single “Castles in the Sky” on Instagram, and announced that its extended remix version was also coming. He launched a video for his new song on November 21, just two days prior to his death!

He also posted a flashback video of a rave in Los Angeles, with the caption, “1 year ago today/acid rave los Angeles.”

Considering his recent activities on social media, it’s just saddening to know how life is so unpredictable!

The cause Garret's death is yet to be known. Judging from his social media postings, though, some fans are convinced that the artist may have committed suicide.

However, the announcement tweet did not mention the cause of his passing.

The 30-year-old artist had recently collaborated with lights and Mau5trap for the single, ‘Annihilation,’ and was regarded as a “techno phenom” for his singles including “ACID 444” and “NRG 444.”

The deep house and techno producer currently contracted with Armada Music and recently released his new own level 444 imprint.

His other noteworthy songs are ‘In My Head.’ and  ‘Let Me Go’ ft. Daisy Guttridge. In an interview with a news organization, he talked about San Francisco's national tour and, and also performed to the packed crowds in Hollywood, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Boston.

Just recently, he also shared a rare photo of him DJ-ing to a crowded rave with the caption, “Do you ever question ur life?”

This recent post indicates that the artist was exploring the deep meaning of life, and juggling with questions which he had no answers to.

After the lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, Garrett returned to performing live at Club Space Miami on October 30th. The day before the event, he tweeted to promise his fans a spectacular night, “first time back at space in 9 months? Better believe I’m gonna hit another level tomorrow. Say your goodbyes.”

He also performed at Orlando, FL club Celine on Friday, November 13th, exactly 10 days before his death.

After the news broke out, tributes and condolences started circulating on social media. In fact, some Twitter user said, “I’ve always loved Garret but when he dropped his version of Castles In the Sky my heart was filled with so much joy as it brought back nostalgia from when I used to bump the original by Ian Van Dahl in 6th grade. We will miss you!”

On September 9, the artist tweeted asking people, “Am I ok? I haven’t been ok for a while.”

It’s evident that the lockdown took a major toll on the artist’s mental health and he had been struggling for quite a few months. Many fans are now interpreting his tweets as a cry for help, but unfortunately, it’s too late now!

Rest in Peace, Garrett.

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