Dynamite: Top 20 Viral Memes and Reactions of BTS & Record Grammy Nominations

  • POSTED ON: November 25, 2020

For the people who
are done ranting about how Koreans are gradually dominating the entertainment
industry and breaking records, and all those racist comments regarding K-pop
actors’ appearances and all that garbage we see on the internet, here’s some news!

BTS, K-pop group,
undoubtedly the most famous and world’s biggest boy band, achieved their
first-ever nomination in Grammy Award on Tuesday for their first-ever song entirely
in English, ‘Dynamite.’

‘On your face, haters!’
is what this news is actually trying to convey.

BTS is nominated for
the Group Performance/Best Pop Duo category, sharing this prestige with other
pop legends like Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga, Bon Iver and Tylor Swift, and Quavo and Justin Bieber.

The news came in as
an early Christmas gift for the BTS ARMY and, of course, for the k-pop band as

Captioned with the keyboard smash out of excitement,
BTS posted a video of their live reaction on Twitter right after the
announcement. In the video, V, RM, Jungkook and Jimin are on the edge of their
couch, desperately waiting for the announcement before jumping up
and begin celebrating after their nomination is announced.

In the course of just
three years, BTS started as the first K-pop presenters at the Grammys, the First K-pop performers, to the first K-pop group major category nominations.

It was obvious that
Dynamite BTS is going to take the boys to the nomination, as it was their first-ever No.1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. The catching disco anthem nailed viewership records on YouTube, topped Billboard’s charts, and already has sold over 2
million units in the US. The song takes the boys to the biggest
level of stardom, smashing all boundaries for something an all-Korean group was able to capture in the US.

These all-Korean boys band singlehandedly shattered the stereotypical barriers in the western music
industry, reinforcing their resistance to recognizing artists outside the White-mold criteria!

What we’re actually
trying to say is: Only 10 Black artists have been awarded a Grammy so far in
its 62-year legacy, while repeatedly awarding the highest honors to mediocre White
artists and consigning colored artists to genre-specific categories.  Isn’t this attitude racist, out of culture,
and xenophobic? And this explains why it took BTS’s entirely in English song to
get their first ever Grammy nomination.

And let’s not forgot
what happened when the first Korean movie “Parasite” won an Academy Award for
Best Picture: even the orange-headed president couldn’t stop whining about it
for days!

Despite all the hate
and resistance in the west, BTS and BTS dynamite lyrics ended up making history with their “Dynamite” Grammy
nomination. However, let’s see if the boys continue their
record-breaking, history-making streak by winning their first Grammy award in
January or it takes a whole god damn album entirely in English to achieve this

Anyways, when there’s
a record-breaking nomination in question, the internet community has a lot to
say, with memes, of course…

Here’s how the internet
has reacted to the news with viral memes and best reactions:

1. Here how
every ARMY member would be right now:

they say, they say it right!

It’s hard
to process, though…


A meme
that we absolutely adore!

still not believing it….

Had to
share it!

The giant

Yes, he

do, this time

What a
dumb question…

You can’t
change an ARMY’s mind

explain to you in detail….


They made

Congratulations to BTS
and their ARMY!

Updated November 25, 2020
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