Ellen DeGeneres kicks off season 8 premier with a bang, addressing all allegations directly!

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  • POSTED ON: September 22, 2020

NBC’s daytime talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres has
been in hot waters lately. All credit goes to BuzzFeed News report, in which
one current and 10 former employers came out anonymously to share their
experiences with her on set, including instances of being punished for taking
medical leave, accounts of racial aggression, and threats of penalties for
raising complaints. The ‘do-good’ preacher, apparently, does not practice what
she preaches. 

Ellen DeGeneres is rolling out the new season of
her show with a bang! She will directly address all the allegations of
workplace toxicity on the premiere of her show. And according to an inside
source, ‘she didn’t hold back anything!’

Source: News.com 

The source claims that the host is well-aware of
the fact that her audience is looking forward to an explanation, so she’s
going to directly address them on Monday. So far, the host seemed to have a
very candid and usual take on the allegations but this time she will clear all
the doubts once and for all!

Later in July, Warner Bros. initiated an internal
investigation against the host which led her to hold an emotional video
conference with her employees, apologizing and confirming that the two lead
producers have already left the show.

The source claims that all these allegations gave
her new strength and devotion to work together with the employees to bring the
best of the entertainment. “Ellen is excited to be back on set and wants this
to be the best season yet.”

While the show continues with the production of
season 18, there’s a completely new environment at the set, according to the
source. Both the host and the employees are “happy to be back at work

The show is expected to kick off without an
in-studio audience due to the pandemic, but there will be celebrities
alongside DeGeneres and a lot of fun.

Tiffany Haddish gets on-board with DeGeneres on
the Burbank, California set as the season’s first guest. The premier week is
going to be a blast, as Kerry Washington, Alec Balwin, K-pop star SuperM and
Kris Jenner are expected to join the show. 

Updated September 22, 2020
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