Equinox Netflix: Is it Worth Watching? Here are the Facts!

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  • POSTED ON: December 21, 2020

Attention Dark
fans! Netflix has dropped a new trailer of upcoming Danish series, Equinox that gives all those sci-fi, alternate
reality— in short—Dark vibes!

Equinox is Netflix’s upcoming foreign offering, which is
based on the hit Danish podcast “Equinox 1985.” 
The first teaser was released on November 23, revealing the premise of a
new mysterious supernatural thriller with some mysterious disappearances and
alternate realities.

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It’s pretty fascinating to see Netflix bringing new thriller
foreign content to the table every year, but (unfortunately) much of it feels unoriginal
and repetitive.

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And we are afraid that Equinox is going to be the next Netflix
original series with a not so original plotline…

Here’s what you need to know about this series and Equinox poster:


Netflix’s Equinox features a story of a girl named Astrid,
who was traumatized by the mysterious abduction or disappearance of her sister in addition to her entire class in 1999, when her age was only 9 years. Twenty years
later, Astrid is living a quiet life and works as a late-night radio jockey.

Her peaceful life takes a drastic turn, when she receives a
phone call from a stranger who tells her the existence of another dimension. “There
is another reality. Another reality behind the one we’re living in. I was
there, Astrid!” he says.

Most interestingly, the stranger reveals that he knows the
reason why her sister went missing before he hangs up. The caller was one of
the 1999 incident’s three survivors.

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Later, she discovers that the
survivors from that incident had died mysteriously, and so Astrid embarks on a
journey to discover the unsettling truth behind the disappearances.

Now the fans of the German series Dark would be like “is it a spin off or another season of Dark?” Well, the similarities in the
plot between the two series are extremely uncanny! The German series Dark was wrapped up in summer this year,
with one of the most mind-bending endings we’ve ever witnessed! If you have
seen the German series, you would know that Dark
also started with the disappearance of a kid, whose investigation led to a
discovery of time travelling and later (spoiler alert!) alternate realities.

And from the look of the trailer, many Dark fans have highlighted the similarities in the two plots, with
one fan even commenting if Equinox is a Dark

Honestly, there’s one particular scene from the trailer of
Equinox (refer to the picture below), where we can see characters are moving in
line in the woods, which in fact, looks similar to the cave in Dark.


Despite the unoriginal plot, Equinox can be a treat for those who’re sad by the fact that Dark has ended and are seeking for
something to fill that void.

story is based on a hit Danish podcast of the same name

Netflix’s new thriller series Equinox is based on a hit
Danish podcast called “Equinox 1985.” Tea Lindeburg, a writer of the podcast
and series creator, is now bringing his work to the screens. Dorthe Riis
Lauridsen produced the series, along with executive producer Piv Bernth and her
company, Apple Tree productions. The same production company that has also produced
hit Danish series The Killing and The Bridge.


Equinox is a six-part series featuring a rich cast as

Danica Curcic (playing Astrid)

Lars Brygmann (playing Dennis)

Karoline Hamm (as Ida)

Hanne Hedulund (as Lene)

Alexandre Williaume (as Henrik)

Voila Martinsen (as 9 years old Astrid)

Fanny Bornedal (as Amelia)

August Carter (as Jakob)

Ask Truelsen (As Falke)

Netflix’s Equinox Trailer
and release date:

There’s one dialogue in the trailer, “I saw them in the
DARK!”, which reinforces our belief that it may have something to do with Dark.

Equinox is Netflix’s second
Danish series, scheduled to drop on 30
th December. Stay tuned to Hayvine to know more about all the upcoming movies and series on Netflix in December 2020 while you enjoy December Global Holidays!

Updated December 21, 2020
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