Fan Of Timothee Chalamet? Watch These Movies Now!

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  • POSTED ON: October 7, 2020

The young boy from
Interstellar is all grown up and now leading Hollywood’s biggest movies like
Dune. Twitter’s “favorite white boy” has been pretty selective when it comes to
choosing scripts. Don’t let his looks deceive you, because his acting chops are
highly admirable as well. 

Do you know that he’s
also an Oscar-nominated actor?

Anyway, the news of
Dune’s delay has left many fans upset because it was going to be his stepping
stone in his career. He’s truly one of the most talented actors of this
generation. And let’s not forget, his fan following keeps growing by the day!

Best known for his
“chaotic energy” during promotional interviews, the young actor has done some
commendable work. He has performed superbly in the movies mentioned below. Do
give them a watch!

Call Me by Your Name

Timothee Chalamet’s
performance as Elio convinced people to view him in a different light – as the
leading man. The subtle nuances that he added to show a heartbroken and
confused adolescent were simply beautiful and his chemistry with Armie Hammers
was outstanding! It challenged our preconceived notions regarding gay
relationships and made us more empathetic.

By the end of this movie, you’ll be
emotionally crushed and bereaved. The majestic sights of Italy, the aching
soundtrack, and the marvelous supporting cast – all of it adds up to give us a
deeply moving experience.

Lady Bird

Let’s just say that
you’ll hate that you love him in this movie. Kyle is a pretentious boy with a
unique lifestyle. He despises technology and loves books and music. If you’ve
seen Gilmore Girls, You’ll find stark similarities between him and Jess Mariano
– the two favorite bad boys of their respective generations. Personally, we’re
fans of both, so you may say that we’re biased; but hey, we challenge you to
not like Kyle!

Beautiful Boy

This family drama is
bound to make you cry! The actor truly immersed himself in the role of a drug
addict and showed us the ugly side of it. Unlike other movies, Beautiful Boy is
different because it doesn’t glorify drug abuse. It’s a hard watch – but it’s
lovely to hear Timothee recite Charles Bukowski’s poems.

The King

With The King, Timothee
Chalamet breaks all the stereotypes and labels that he’s been forced into in
his short span of a career. In this movie, he spectacularly plays the role of the
young Henry the V. Here he is ruthless, merciless and absolutely apathetic.
You’ll love it!

Anyway guys, tell us
what you think of Timothee Chalamet! Do 
you think he’s overrated or deserving
of every ounce of the praise he receives?



Updated October 7, 2020
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