Fans’ Disappointing Reactions Break the Internet after Studio Ghibli’s Earwig and the Witch!

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  • POSTED ON: February 6, 2021

computer-animated Japanese fantasy, ‘Earwig and the Witch”— produced by Studio
Ghibli and directed by Goro Miyazaki— is the second adaptation of a Diana Wynne
Jones novel after “Howl’s Moving Castle”. You’ll not find any difference in the
narrative style, character arcs, and the visual spectacle, as it’s the same as
the rest of the Ghibli movies.

it was disappointing to find that there’s absolutely nothing original about the
generic and redundant misadventures of plucky orphan Earwig (Something we
predicted while watching the trailer). Look, the problem isn’t the fact that
it’s conventional, the problem is that it’s deadly dull. The poor 3-D animation
style makes it extremely underwhelming – you can tell that an amateur has
worked on its animation.

when Hayao showed disapproval of Goro’s Tales from Earthsea, we should’ve
realized then only. Now that it’s established that Earwig and the Witch isn’t
visually appealing, you should add more problems to the list. There’s also a
poor cover of Hayao’s greatest hits – after a point you’ll reach the pinnacle
of your frustration because it’s that level of bad.

only redeeming trait in the movie is that of Earwig – the character is unlike
other fictional orphans, and does a satisfying job breaking from the orphan
trope. She isn’t interested in reuniting with her mother, but she’s interested
in controlling the world around her. In fact, she’s so good at controlling that
she’s got every person at the orphanage wrapped around her finger.

won’t find any state of urgency in her transition as a witch; as a matter of
fact, there’s no element of surprise or suspense at all. You won’t find any
development in the character; the on-screen behavior just seemed a bit odd.

character designs are somewhat interesting,and you can’t help but praise Yukhi
Takeuchi’s art direction. However, you’ll fail to bridge the gap between the
animated characteristics and characters’ emotionality. You’ll leave the movie
thinking about Earwig’s pencil brows and Bella Yaga’s Medusa-like curls.

you can clearly distinguish the difference in budget of an animated movie made
of TV and theatrical release. We just think that—considering the names attached
to the film— it had the potential to be something extraordinary.

check out the fans’ disappointing reactions below:

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Updated February 6, 2021
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