Fans React to Rapper 6 Dogs’ Death by Suicide at 21!

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  • POSTED ON: January 27, 2021

underground world of hip hop seems to be taking one hit after another,because
every other day you wake up to the news of some legend’s death – what is more
horrifying than seeing someone so young and talented just pass away so

we’re sad to inform you that the popular underground rapper, 6 Dogs has passed
away at the young age of 21. He was based in Atlanta, Georgia. He will be
remembered for his songs Faygo Dreams and Flossin. Last year, he had informed
his fans about his battle with the Coronavirus as well.

Atlanta-based rapper 6 Dogs committed suicide at age 21 on Tuesday on January

musician had released a couple of hits like Guccy Armor, Someone, Faygo Dreams,
and Flossin.

year he revealed to his fans on Twitter that he had really bad headaches and
symptoms of Covid-19, after which he decided to take the covid test. His fans
were shocked and scared to find out that he had tested positive.

wrote: “Just took a covid test and my
results came back positive:/ I’m str8 just a pretty bad headache.”

“I’m a healthy doodtho so I should b fine.
Unfortunately this will put a delay on the album thx for rockin w me y’all.”
– He continued.

was known to his fans that he was suffering from mental health issues. In fact,
he even shared his thoughts and feelings on Twitter on November – it was
honestly a cry for help.

note read: “If you have friends in the
music biz call them and check on them. This rat race that we all are in is not
cool. Some days I feel like a super hero…”

Dogs real name was Chase Amick, and he had over 171K followers on Instagram and
37K followers on Twitter.

he wanted to hide his music career from his family as a teenager, as he came
from an orthodox Christian family. He moved out from his family home at the
young age of 18 and started a live-in relationship with his girlfriend.

2016, after producing a hit song, he got massive recognition from the crowds
and critics which landed him a deal with Interscope Records.

most rappers, his lyrics were mostly about drugs and girlfriends.

one of his last interviews, he had said that he was amazed by the response he would
get from his fans and that he was overjoyed to be doing what he loved.

said: “I think it’s crazy that people
even listen to my music and like it so much. The other day I was like ‘Wow. I
can’t believe it actually worked.’ I get paid to do what I love and it doesn’t
even feel like a job.”

one point, the popular ‘underground’ rapper reached out to his fans and
motivated them to seek help if they go through mental health problems. He was
inspired by legendary artists like Kanye West and A$AP Rocky.

hearing about  Georgia rapper 6 Dogs
tragic death, Rapper Lil Aaron tweeted: “Rrip
6 dogs. real underground legend. made it all the way to benny blanco off of
some internet rap songs. forever the goat.”

Dogs’ death has shocked his fans. Check out how his passionate fans react after
finding out Atlanta rapper 6 Dogs Dead.


Updated January 27, 2021
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