Find out Why John Cena is Doing Random Interviews in Full Suicide Squad Costume

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  • POSTED ON: April 2, 2021

The Suicide Squad 2 fans can
watch the movie when it hits the theatres and streaming platform HBO Max in
August, and when they finally do, they’ll meet new characters who’re going to
instill a new life to the franchise. One of those characters is going to be of
Peacemaker – aptly played by Pro wrestler turned actor, John Cena.

From the looks of it, Peacemaker is going to
be an essential member of the cast and a great addition to the big screen. In
fact, he is currently filming a prequel series for the same streaming
platform.  Not that we mind, but because
of that, he’s got no time to change and he’s doing all of his promotional
interviews in his Peacemaker costume.

But you know what’s even more
interesting? The actor is now also doing interviews that have absolutely
nothing to do with the movie itself! Naturally, the results are amazingly
hilarious and nobody else is laughing more than the director James Gunn

Okay so basically, John Cena is
filming an original story for his character Peacemaker. Since the trailer of
his movie is out, he has to answer fan queries and make time for promotional
interviews – he’s a committed and hardworking guy, what can we say?

But recently, he had to appear
on TNT’s NBA post game show to talk about professional wrestling and all things
sports-related. So considering that, there was no need to appear on the show
wearing the Peacemaker costume. But you know what he did? He ended up making
his appearance in the Peacemaker costume and James Gunn found out and thought
that is was iconic!

We think that John Cena has
been filming non-stop and the only time he gets a break, he ends up giving that
slot to his on-going interviews and other professional commitments. And so,
there’s no time left for him to change his outfit. Come on, we already hear so
much about how difficult it is to get in and out of superhero (and in this
case, supervillian) costumes. And honestly, we think that Cena feels quite
comfortable in that costume… and pretty handsome, too.

We wouldn’t have been surprised
at all had he been asked by the filmmakers to do the promotions wearing that
outfit anyway. He can simply roam around wearing that costume and then he
wouldn’t even have to respond to anyone during interviews – isn’t that classic?

Since movie promotions are huge
and essential for such big-budgeted movies, he can do whatever he wants during
his free time and get Suicide Squad promotions done simultaneously. Killing two
birds with one stone is fun, isn’t it? This, in fact, is a great promotional
strategy because people would remember what he wore subconsciously.

James Gunn, on the other hand,
is finding this situation really funny. Now look at it from his point of view, what
he sees is a guy who worked under his direction, still committed to the
character he adapted from the comic books. He can see his actor hanging out
with Shaq in the Peacemaker costume and discussing professional wrestling.
Totally normal.

Anyway, we have some more news
for you – on April Fool’s Day, James Gunn surprised the fans of the franchise
with yet another trailer of the Suicide Squad 2. People who went to see Warner
Bros’ latest MonsterVerse franchise “Godzilla vs. Kong” they were the first ones
to witness the teaser of the magic that Gunn has created. This footage
contained explosive new sequences from the film – giving insight into Nathan
Fillion’s and Daniela Melchior’s characters.

Check out the trailer below!

James Gunn has written the
screenplay of the franchise and he has also directed the movie. The characters
from DC are based on Charles Roven and Peter Safran collection. Meanwhile, Zack
Snyder, Deborah Snyder, Walter Hamada, Chantal Nong Vo, Nikolas Korda and
Richard Suckle are acting as executive producers. The Suicide Squad debuts on
August 6 released and we’re all really excited! Are you excited too?

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Updated April 2, 2021
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