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  • POSTED ON: September 28, 2020

There’s an absurd attraction in thriller shows, you get exposed to it once, and you will crave for it even more!

The 4th season of Money Heist released on Netflix, and we all binged the show like there’s no tomorrow! With many unexpected twists and turns, Money Heist is certainly a show that all thriller lovers desire: Excitement and adrenaline rush – from the comfort of your couch!

Now that you have finished watching the 4th season of Money Heist, you have to wait a lil bit more till the thrilling show makes its final return.

Till then, here’s the list of 10 must-watch shows like Money to satisfy your itch! So, grab some popcorn and fasten your seatbelt, because these shows will definitely put you on edge all along…

1. Breaking Bad

Just like in Money Heist, where the real identity of the professor remains hidden as long the heist is going on similar to Bryan Cranston’s Walter White in AMC’s Breaking Bad. This series follows Walter, a high school chemistry teacher, who after getting diagnosed with incurable lung cancer, takes up cooking and smoking meth. This show portrays how planned lies and schemes can take us.

2. Evil Genius

Evil Genius is quite different! It’s a non-fiction documentary but gives the same thrilling vibe you get from the show Money Heist. This documentary show focused on the real-life case of the murder of Brian Wells. This show portrays the real-life bank robbery and how things were actually done!

It’s not a fine cinematography drama, but it’s a whole lot more interesting than the other entries in the list!

3. Dirty Money

Quite similar to Evil Genius, this anthology series captures real-life stories, with a new story with every episode. Each of the episodes is centered on money, whether it be fraud or corruption, exploring how money can be the evilest thing in society!

Unlike Money Heist, everything in this series happens in reality – another reason to binge-watch this show!

4. Inception

This Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece was one of 2010’s highest performing films. The film focuses on the art of subconsciousness, corporate espionage and the secrets that are deeply hidden within each character’s minds.

This movie will send you into never-ending oblivion! This is one of those movies that stays with you long before it ends. You may be wondering why this movie is in the TV shows list. Well, this is because once you watch it, you need to watch it at least five times to understand it truly!

5. Ozark

This thrilling drama follows a normal American family, who later turns into victims of their circumstance and suddenly they find themselves laundering money for a Mexican drug cartel. Netflix just dropped the third season of this show, which means it’s just the right time to binge this one! Or just enough content to hook you for a week, at least!

Updated September 28, 2020
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