Five Shocking Facts about Netflix’s Dash and Lily

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  • POSTED ON: November 12, 2020

An aggressively sweet teen drama, hitting Netflix on
November 10, in case you don’t know dash and lily Netflix release date, with interesting reviews.

As soon as we
enter into the month of November, many folks immediately take out their
Christmas lights, start listening to the jingle bell songs or even begin
streaming their marathons of Christmas movies to watch for the next two months.

Pandemic or
not, everyone is bustling with Christmas spirits, all thanks to Netflix’s
consecutive seasonal offerings for the holiday entertainment!

Among all
that, Netflix’s latest series ‘Dash &
’ is certainly going to be the centerpiece of our TV screens for the
next few weeks at least.

Based on
Rachel Cohn and David Levithan’s 2010 YA novels, Dash & Lily is a full-fledged Christmas-themed TV series, with
charming leads, sophisticated plot, and cutesy storytelling, which makes the
series an ultimate winner among the holiday pack, unlike any other comedy series!

If you’re
binging it already, you’ll definitely enjoy these shocking facts about this young-adult
drama Dash & Lily:

there are spoilers for the series and the dash and lily book ahead.

The series is quite different from the book

While the
show maintained the book’s fun tone and its point-of-view-switching
format, it altered some character arcs, major plotlines, and other details.

Here’s how
this series is different from the book:

Dash and Lily are younger in the book…

In the book, Dash & Lily appear to be a year younger than actually in the

Dash and Lily
are supposed to be 16 years of age, according to the book, which makes them
high school juniors. But the series features them as high school seniors.

Lily’s red boots have a different meaning in the book

A bit more
like Cinderella, Lily’s red boots play a larger role in the series.

she leaves behind her red boots at the Hanukkah party, which later helps Dash
to reach out to her after she fails to complete a dare.

On the show,
those boots come from a store that deals with costume supply and rented by Lily’s aunts years
ago. However, in the book, the boots were majorette booths from Lily’s great-aunt from high school.

Lily has a cruel nickname, which heavily mentioned
in the book but completely cut off from the show

In the book,
Lily’s nickname is “Shrilly’

During her
childhood, she once screamed at a cat who had eaten her gerbil. Since then, she
can’t stop screaming, so the other kids nickname her “Shrilly.”

But on the
show, she was called “weird” by Edgar during a scene involving handmade

Edgar and Lily never kiss in the book

According to
the book, Edgar and Lily do go on a movie date but they don’t kiss.

The Netflix
treatment shows Lily kissing Edgar after getting drunk with her caroling group,
which is also witnessed by Dash.

Netflix series ‘Lily & Dash’ is heavily clichéd

It wouldn’t
be a Netflix typical Christmas series without a black best friend, gay BFF, and
some third-wheeling characters.

I mean Lily
was incredibly lucky that a handsome dude discovered her diary but the reality
is far opposite. The only people who hang around in the libraries these days
are 60 years old adults, so consider it as an unrealistic cliché young romance,
mostly influenced by the likes of Sleepless
in Seattle
or (
500) Days of Summer.

In the Lily & Dash series, you will hardly find
anything you haven’t watched in typical rom-com movies, so Merry Christmas I guess! check out the dash and lily Netflix trailer to find out.

Dash and Lily book of dares: Nick Jonas is one of the producers of the show

Let’s admit
this, we didn’t see that coming…

Lily &
Dash is the actor and musician’s first producing project for his recently
introduced Shingle Image 32 launches on Netflix.

And the best
part is that dash and lily Netflix cast also features Joe Jonas’ cameo as well as the performance
from Jonas Brothers in later episodes.

check out dash and lily trailer!

Updated November 12, 2020
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