Four Shocking Facts About Operation Christmas Drop!

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  • POSTED ON: November 6, 2020

Do you want
holiday specials and Christmas movies? Netflix has got plenty of those to fill
the appetite. In fact, the streaming giant feels no shame in opting for
quantity over quality, flooding your homepage with a series of shiny, fluffy,
silly, mostly exaggerated and light-hearted holiday fares.

It’s fair to
say that the Netflix Original Christmas movie has now turned into a whole god
damn genre unto itself, which keeps on expanding every year by flimsy, tinselly
series of movies. In this season alone, there’s Holidate, Jingle Jangle: A
Christmas Journey
, Alien Xmas, Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square, Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker,
and let’s not forget the reason why we’re discussing these in the first place:
“Operation Christmas Drop”

Christmas Drop Netflix is as typical and impersonal as Office Secret Santa
gift. Still, it has some really good looking stars Kat Graham, the island of Guam
and Alexander Ludwig to make it adorable!

Here’s what
you need to know about this movie…

Operation Christmas Drop is sooooo sweet that it
might give you a sugar rush!

Operation Christmas Drop' Review: Heavy Military Presents - The New York  Times

Source: NYTimes

It’s sweet
because it features two widely adored, cool-looking romantic leads, a cute
supporting performance by Virginia Madsen, and a
heart-touching-always-relatable Christmas message. And let’s not forget about
its refreshing location of the island of Guam and it’s mesmerizing beaches,
jungles and islands. If nothing else, it gives audiences something to daydream
about while keeping half their attention to the storyline…

Christmas Drop
is a kind of movie relatable both for ‘Veterans Day’ and for Christmas…

Operation Christmas Drop” Continues as Pacific Tradition « American View

it’s a military-grade romance between Captain Andrew Jantz and Congressional
aide Erica Miller who lands at a beachside Air Force base and spends Christmas
time while being on the project called “Operation: Christmas Drop!”

it’s a one-in-all package featuring Christmas, holiday, romance, military,
heart-touching moral, making it a perfect flick to stream on holiday night with
your Holidate (if you have any…)

The movie is not entirely fiction…

Operation Christmas Drop 2018: Photos of airlifts to remote islands -  Business Insider

the storyline is pure fiction, the film got its inspiration from the real
Operation Christmas Drop, the most-experienced humanitarian airlift in the

year since 1952, U.S Air Force personnel at Anderson drop and deliver food
packages, toys, medicine and basic supplies to residents of multiple small
islands in Micronesia. It’s inspirational and a very crucial mission, which
also serves as a training exercise.

Operation Christmas Drop is the first
ever feature-movie from a big Hollywood studio to film in the U.S. territory of

Where Was Netflix's 'Operation Christmas Drop' Filmed?

despite Guam’s mesmerizing location, Operation Christmas Drop is the first
feature movie from a big studio to be shot on the beautiful beaches and jungles
of the island of Guam.

out the trailer here:

Updated November 6, 2020
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