‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Makes $9.6 Million in its Debut and Brings Audiences Back to the Theaters!

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  • POSTED ON: April 2, 2021

It looks like the monsters have
bought audiences back into the cinema!

Godzilla vs. Kong debuted in
the US and international cinemas on Wednesday and managed to earn a whopping
$9.6 million in its opening! This is a huge number for the pandemic era –
something a movie like Tenet and Wonder Woman 1984 failed to achieve.

The collaboration between
Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment had an added pressure but also come
advantage as it had the opportunity to get played in more theatres than any
other movie that has been released ever since the pandemic started. It ended up
screening in 2,049 venues and by Friday it is expected to cross 3,063 cinemas.
Before this, it was only Tenet that got lucky with such wide footprint – it had
2,800 theatres.

Timing is of course an
advantage for the MonsterVerse universe because the US marketplace has opened
for upto 94%. Cinema is back in business even though most of them have reduced
capacity – in New York and Los Angeles – so as to comply with the SOPs dictated
by the government.

Latest this week, we saw that
Los Angeles Country approving the Orange Tier – known to have increased
capacity from 25 to 50 percent for indoor venues. This is a great step when you
see it in light of the movie business – the changes, however, will be
implemented from 5th April and onwards.  

We must also keep in mind that
the movie has also premiered on HBO Max the streaming platform. We don’t have
the exact number as of yet so we can’t say how many viewers opted to watch the
movie. The streaming service has also not launched worldwide so its possible
that the numbers would be low.

We’ve been given a thumbs up
from the Box Office analysts as they feel encouraged by the turnout in
theatres. They can’t believe that such a positive number has shown up in theatres
in such critical times, especially when the movie is available to be watched
from the comfort of their homes.

people still go to see movies in theaters even when available at no extra cost
on a streaming platform at home. Looks like Hollywood can learn from [Warner
Bros.] and [WarnerMedia CEO] Jason Kilar.”
– Rich Greenfield of
LightShed wrote on Twitter.

Godzilla vs. Kong is directed
by Adam Wingard and is has, so far, collected a whopping $121 million at the
box office. The movie has actually made it big in China and managed to make $70
million in that market only. Legendary Entertainment is responsible for its
distribution in the Chinese market meanwhile Warner Bros. is releasing it in
other territories.

As fans would tell you,
Godzilla vs. Kong is the fourth installment of the franchise – you can see your
favorite reptile monster go head against your emotional giant ape. Critics and
fans have given positive reviews to the movie, which is another contributor to
its continued success! The movie has bought back original cast members like Alexander
Skarsgard, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall and Brian Tyree Henry.

Have you gotten the chance to watch
the movie yet? Did you watch it on opening day in theatres? The movie has a 95
percent audience rating so you can tell how good it will be!  We wonder if the HBO Max subscribers are
getting the same experience as the ones who’re going for the big-screen run.

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All in all, we’re happy that
the movie made $9.6 million on opening day!



Updated April 2, 2021
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