Google Doodle| Spring Season 2021| 10 Creative Ways to Enjoy Spring with Kids and Family

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  • POSTED ON: March 22, 2021

is a season of hope and optimism, it makes you feel brand new and active.
Facebook conducted a study which concluded that most couples break up during
the spring season. It acts quite like a metaphor: just like an animal sheds old
skin, couples accept the end of something unsatisfactory and open doors for
happiness and new beginnings.

Chinese New Year also starts in spring time and that, too, is an indication of
newness. Basically, spring is a beautiful time when the flowers bloom and
everything takes back its original state.

a great time for children and parents to do something creative and fun together.
Also, do you know that children grow faster in spring? This makes this time
even more important, because you’re grasping more and more information and
learning new things necessary for normal growth and mind muscle.

today, Google Doodle is celebrating Spring Season 2021, we’re going to tell you
10 creative ways to enjoy spring season with kids. These are activities that
are attractive, fun, and highly engrossing:

The Great Outdoor

is a wonderful time for you to go out with your kids for memorable picnics and
dates in the park. You can enjoy the lovely weather, the birds chirping, and
the animals at play. Your kids can also find an opportunity to make new friends,
because other families might also be arriving there. You can play a sports
activity with them, too, such as volleyball and baseball. The bright colors at
the park can creatively inspire the kids and widen their imagination.

Riding Bicycles

super important for the kids to be active, especially when they’re in the
growing stage; this boosts their momentum and keeps them healthy. Thus, in this
lovely season, you can go out for bike rides with them. This plan is empowering
as well as fun, because they can sharpen their motor skills and feel the
adrenaline rush.

Gorgeous Scenery

spring is known for beautiful sceneries. If you don’t plan an outing with your
kids and check out the cherry blossoms and all the heartwarming and creatively
inspiring sites, you’re basically doing spring wrong.

Walk at the Beach

doesn’t like going to the beach? Kids are fans of the beach and they love the
time they spend there, as it’s filled with fun walks around the sea shore, sand
castles, sun bathes, and what not!

Fly a Kite

countries celebrate the start of spring by flying kites; it’s been an age-old
custom and tradition that is loved by people across the globe. The bright and neon
colors of the kites flying in the bright blue sky – oh, what a sight!

Enjoy Puddles

love puddles and the act of jumping in it. Spring is the time to get in on the
action and feel active. You should move as much as you can, because there’s
something or the other happening just around the corner. Find happiness in the
smallest things, because that’s just how you feel inspired and motivated.


kids will definitely be upset if you don’t take them to the playground. They
spend most of their time inside all throughout the fall season, thanks to the
harsh and cold weather. Now is the time for them to go outside and enjoy the
lovely sun and the fresh breeze. All of this combined with merry go rounds and
swing sets, and your day will be made!

Pick Strawberries

you wish to spend quality time with your kids, you should take them out on fruit
picking trips. Spring season is supposed to cheer you up, so take your baskets
and go around the park to pick strawberries and sing along some tunes as well.

Baking Festival

can arrange a baking festival in your neighborhood and call out all the moms in
your area. They can join hands with their kids and have a competition with the
winner taking home fruit and other spring-specific things.

Notice the Trees Budding

there’s one thing that spring teaches you, it is this: After dark, there’s
light and you need to fall to grow and evolve. But among all these things, you
must remember that it’s also better if you work on your concentration and
observational skills. Learn from nature and adopt new things. Go out with your
kids and notice the smallest things around you.

guys, do let us know the activities that you enjoyed the recommendations for Spring
activities for kids and if you’d spend this Springs with kids and family and
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what do you prefer, children’s museums or outdoor café? 

Updated March 22, 2021
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