Grey’s Anatomy| Station 19| Crazy Fans React to the Shocking Death of Andrew Deluca!

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  • POSTED ON: March 15, 2021

you hear someone sniffing at your end, just let them be – they’re probably
mourning the death of their favorite Grey’s Anatomy character. The two-hour
long crossover episode ended on an emotional note as Dr. Andrew Deluca was
stabbed to death. It was a noble death, as he was only trying to expose a sex
trafficker and then things quickly escalated.

Hunt and Teddy Altman were the ones operating meanwhile he went in and out of
consciousness. We also saw him visiting Meredith at the beach in a dream

told her that he doesn’t regret anything. He said that he witnessed several
atrocities throughout his life – homeless people in the street asking for help,
people who can’t pay their medical bills, children who’re abused by their
caregiver, etc. He said that people simply stand back, watching the injustice,
and claim that it’s none of their business – but it is.

might change the channel and tune out, but he decided to take a step and stop
one crime from happening;he not just saved lives in the operation theatre but
also outside. He made a difference, and that it’s a good enough reason to die.

put it quite beautifully – hit every nerve. He said: “The people who take to the streets screaming out for change, they’re
written off as crazy, they’re written off as extreme. It doesn’t make any
sense. It makes no sense. What you did, Meredith, risking your medical license
to save that little girl; that makes sense. And what I did — following that
women and not letting her get away with it, not letting her get away, not
letting her harm another single human being. Yeah, it was dangerous, but it
made sense. It’s the only thing that made sense. So I don’t regret it.”

seemed a bit hesitant when he met Meredith in the dream sequence, but he was
content with the way he died. He said that he didn’t know what to expect, but
he wanted to tell Meredith that he was inspired by her courage and resilience.
He was insecure, but her faith in his ability made him stronger.

you can tell, it was an emotional ride and the fans were upset over his death.
It was unnecessary and only there to increase the shock value. After all these
years, this is exactly what the show has done and it’s upsetting.

we know is that he is now in a happy place – but was it time? Wasn’t he too
young and too remarkable to leave this world so soon? Fans who’ve grown up
watching the show are used to getting hit with one tragedy after another –plane
crash, bombing, gun shooter, road accident, and what not!

we’re just wondering if it’s time for the series to end for good. Just go and
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Updated March 15, 2021
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