Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘The Goop Lab’ is Lustrously Deluded

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  • POSTED ON: January 28, 2020

Gwyneth Paltrow is as clueless and ignorant about the female anatomy as she is about Spiderman: Far From Home and other Marvel movies that she’s been a part of for almost a decade. 

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This somewhat problematic and lowkey entertaining woman is the CEO of Goop, which is a wellness and lifestyle company oriented towards the female population. As the latest upgrade to her deluded endeavors, she has partnered up with Netflix for a six-episode series. The show is called ‘The Goop Lab’, and it is as demented as it seems from the trailer.

The series attempts to explore slightly twisted and superlatively unconventional topics. The first episode begins with four women sitting crossed-legged in a circle while sipping on some weird psilocybin tea. The place is so shiny and white that it’s almost absurd. And mind you – the entire show reeks off moments of absurdity and ignorance. Graphic images of the vulva are flashed on the screen, women cry because of some bizarre donkey melodrama, and at one point, Ms. Paltrow even reveals that she doesn’t know what a vagina is. We expected better, Pepper Potts – especially considering the fact that you’re selling candle scents of your vagina.

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The multimillion-dollar company sells escapism to intrigued and hopeless individuals. Its approach is lucrative that banks on modern-day anxieties. It provides sellable solutions to common issues like the lack of desire, untreatable or undiagnosed medical conditions, stress, etc.

The Goop Lab works by a formula. Each episode navigates through topics like cold therapy, orgasm coaching, psychic communication, energy healing, psychedelic medicine, and diets for longevity. In the third episode, Goop has invited Betty Dodson, a 90-year-old feminist, who is a masturbation expert or whatever that means. It was intriguing to find out that this woman has been providing masturbation workshops for almost half a century now. GUTS!

Everything aside, Betty Dodson deserves a show of her own.

Source: New York Post

Anyway, during her conversation with Gwyneth Paltrow, she explained to her that, “The vagina is the birth canal only. You wanna talk about the vulva? – that’s the clitoris, the inner lips, and all that good shit around it.” What the high prestige of pretentiousness and delusion said next left us shooketh. “I thought the vagina was the whole thing!” REALLY, GWYNETH? REALLY?

It must really be nice to live in the Gwynnie Land where needles are poked in your face and self-indulgence is described as self-care. Many times during this freak show, there was an intense desire to shove up the over-priced jaded egg up her ass. However, after some time, you begin to get amused by this batshit crazy fallacy. You actually get engrossed by this beguiled experience.

But jokes aside, The Goop Lab promotes everything that capitalism stands for. This thoughtless and controversial program evokes eating disorders and everything that questions your moral compass. As per a Goop staffer’s description, it can be concluded that this show is “Really draining. Physically and emotionally.”

Updated January 28, 2020
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