Hanukkah vs Christmas| Top 20 Viral Memes and Videos

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Hanukkah and Christmas, both holidays are equally special. Yet, there is a weird sense of competition that exists between them. The truth is that all Hanukah and Christmas have in common is gift-giving, family dinners, same calendar, and extreme commercialization. Besides sharing the holiday season, these days have nothing in common.

While Christmas is a religious holiday, celebrating Hanukkah is a historical event. The former is about faith and Jesus’s birthday, while the latter is about revolting against tyranny.

The Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah in remembrance of a victory the Jewish army achieved against the Syrian army that had invaded a temple and prohibited the Jewish people from practising their religion. After the Jewish army fought and defeated the Syrians, they restored the temple. Then a miracle took place: the oil that was supposed to light the candle for one night lasted for eight long nights while more oil was sent for. Today, the festival of lights is celebrated to commemorate this event.

Here’s what’s special about this year’s December Global Holiday Season!

Christmas, on the other hand, is a sacred day celebrated all over the world, both by the Christian community and the even by the atheists, secularists, and agnostics.

Even after such vast differences, there’s a competition between these holidays. And of course, the Christmas memes community would never let this go.

Here are the top 20 memes and videos you can get a few laughs out of:

1. Get a Hanukkah Tree?

Chances are, every year, parents with a Jewish heritage have to listen to their children asking for Christmas trees. Children love the lights and the decorations, so we’re sure staying true to the spirit of Hanukkah and Hanukkah alone might get tough sometimes.

2. Sergeant Santa 

What a totally unconventional image of Santa, it’s bound to make you laugh. However, the deeper meaning of the meme is unsettling and sad. 

3. December Holidays 

There are just too many holidays in December; it’s hard to keep track. This meme depicts our confusion in just the right way. 

4. Best of Both Worlds

There are very few of us who get to enjoy both holidays with the same spirit. You get a tree, and the chance to light candles. Let’s not forget, Christmas and Hanukkah mean double the presents. It’s a dream come true!

5. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

All the F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans out there will look at this meme and L.O.L. This is one of the funniest episodes of the show. With Ross dressed as the Holiday Armadillo and Chandler as Santa Claus, this meme shows the struggle parents have to go through to make their children understand the importance of both holidays. Then there’s Joey, dressed as Superman. We don’t know what that symbolizes. We doubt even Joey knows it.

6. Christmas Stress

Christmas has been commercialized to a great extent. This is why many people feel stressed out when they can’t keep up. Maybe it’s time we get back to celebrating the actual spirit of the holiday instead of burdening ourselves with the pressures of capitalism.

7. Sorry, Wrong House 

A super cute and hilarious meme. Hey, Santa’s allowed to make mistakes too!

8. It’s a Time for Celebrations

We all need to learn a few lessons from Mr DiCaprio here. Let’s raise a toast to be tolerant. Let’s celebrate and let celebrate. 

9. The Cross-over

This meme shows how things should be. Both Christmas and Hanukkah are about being kind to one another and sharing joy and love. 

10. Let’s Respect

What a cute attempt to make us understand that nothing is above the love and respect we have for each other. All problems can be solved if we learn to be more open to opinions that differ from our own. 

11. Miss Universe Incident 

12. Hanukkah vs Christmas

Hanukkah is often confused as a religious holiday, maybe because it falls close to Christmas. This video explains the major differences between the two holidays. It’s extremely informative and anyone who needs to understand the essence of the holidays must give it a watch.

13. 321 Fight: Christmas vs Hanukkah

Garnering over 1.3 million views on YouTube, this video went viral on the internet. It shows the two holidays decking the halls with each other. The rivalry that exists is portrayed perfectly in this 2-minute video. The reason this video went viral was that no victor is chosen at the end and the views went crazy debating who would have won, Christmas or Hanukkah.

14. If Christmas & Chanukah Were People

A hilarious and accurate depiction of Christmas and Hanukkah—according to the viewers in the comment section—the video is highly relatable. Christmas is shown as an enthusiastic person, while Hanukkah is shown as someone who is overlooked and underrated.

15. Jewish Christmas Vs. Christmas • Debatable

This video created by BuzzFeed has over 1.4 million views on YouTube. The video went viral in 2015. Six people divided into three groups, debate against each other in favour of their favourite Christmas. Some of the arguments are so hilarious; they’ll leave you in fits of laughter. 

16. Jews Try Christmas For The First Time 

Getting 2.1 million views on YouTube, this video of Jewish people trying Christmas customs for the first time went viral on the internet in 2017. It shows two Jewish BuzzFeed employees decorating a Christmas tree, buying gifts and sitting on Santa’s lap for the first time. The reactions are fun to watch.

17. Christmas Explained By Jews 

Another BuzzFeed video cuts with 2.5 million views. Jewish people try to explain what they understand about Christmas and, let us tell you, some of their misconceptions will crack you up!

18. Hanukkah: The Festival of Lights Starts Tonight | National Geographic 

There are many misunderstandings about Hanukkah but this video helps inform people about some important facts about the holiday. 

19. Beautiful Christmas Carol Medley, 24/7 Christmas Carols Instrumental Sleep

This is one of the most trending videos of the season. Listen to that joyful music and spend your day in high spirits.

20. Blippi’s Holiday Movie – Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Kids

With 9.3 million views, this video seems to be a favourite of the children. Bilippi goes on a scavenger hunt to look for his secret snowflake present sender. 

Enjoyed reading it? Check out some incredibly interesting and unique ideas and fun activities to celebrate the Christmas festival.

Let us know if we’ve missed out on something hilarious in our memes list in the comment section below!

Updated December 7, 2020
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