HBO Max Announcement: Payment, Upcoming Shows, and Much More!

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  • POSTED ON: November 4, 2019

This blissful Tuesday, HBO made a grand announcement regarding their streaming service HBO Max. According to the tweet, HBO Max will launch in May 2020 which can be accessed by HBO and HBO Now subscribers for free. Following up with the terms and conditions, the service charges for HBO Max will be $14.99 per month.

A new feature, “human-powered discovery,” is to be introduced in the HBO Max streaming service. According to the shared tweet, “Talent & influencers will be the humans behind our Recommended By Humans feature, sharing the content they love and why it’s worth watching.

HBO Max aims to add a “co-viewing” feature to the scope of its services. This feature will create a joint profile that will provide recommendations based on the content chosen from the very profile, without indulging in any personal accounts.

Upcoming HBO Originals
As expected, HBO is bringing a lot of new variety for its consumers’ viewership. The new Max originals include the following:

Gossip Girl
An old yet familiar title with the new cast. This series will be a sequel to the original Gossip Girl series, which is set after eight years.

Love Life
Love Life is a rom-com series and, as the title suggests, it will be all about loving your life. Starring Anna Kendrick this season, the series plans to cast a new protagonist in each of the following seasons.

Tokyo Vice
This series will showcase Ansel Elgort, an American journalist, exploring “dangerous underbelly of Tokyo.”

 This series is based on a Greek-myth fantasy novel, a lot of knowledge regarding potions and herbs is to be revealed.

Grease: Rydell High
Inspired by the classic musical movie “Grease,” the new series will reprise both old and new characters. Also, the said series is to include classic songs from the first film along with other original ones.  

DC Superhero High
This original will portray DC heroes as high school students.

Strange Adventures
Strange Adventures production will feature DC characters entangled in morality-related issues.

Green Lantern
The fresh Green Lantern version will be based on the same DC heroes from the previous production.

Rap Sh*t
This comedy chronicles music careers highs and lows of a female group in Miami.

The Flight Attendant
A dark-humored production, which features Kaley Cuoco waking up next to a dead stranger in a hotel room.

College Girls
College Girls is a Mindy Kaling series that revolves around three freshmen roommates.

Raised by Wolves
It is Ridley Scott’s science fiction series, which portrays a strange planet and two androids raising human children.  

Created by Danai Gurira, Americanah is a love story about a woman, performed by Lupita Nyong’o, who leaves Nigeria for America.

Station Eleven
Filling colors to the days of civilization’s collapse, Station Eleven is a limited series.

A comedy, encircling how a young lad from London accidentally sleeps with a renowned movie star.

Highlighting unwanted pregnancy, a college-going woman is shown struggling with the phenomenon in this production.

Crime Farm
Stirring the concept of “psychosexual,” Crime Farm is a love story between forensic homicide detectives.

Tooned Out
A comedy, amalgamating animation with live-action, about a person who starts witnessing Looney Tunes characters in his daily life.

Dune: The Sisterhood
Pictured from Bene Gesserit’s angle, the Dune universe is shown as “a mysterious order of women.”

Comedy by James Veitch
A one-hour comedy special by English comedian is also made part of HBO Max collection.

Made for Love
Made for Love is a dark comedy imprinting the effects of love and power.

Stand-up Specials by Conan O’Brien
O’Brien will present five shows in total; two sets shot from different comics, and one hour timed sets with three other comedians.

HBO Max 2021 Original Series
Decided as of yet, 2021 will feature the following original series:

The Nevers
By Joss Whedon, The Nevers is a science fiction drama about Victorian women possessing super-powers.

The Gilded Age
A drama portraying the 1880’s New York by Julian Fellowes.

Mare of Easttown
This entails a murder mystery investigated by a detective who is followed by Kate Winslet.  

Non-HBO Content
HBO Max will also accommodate all-time favorite shows and series that are not created by HBO. This Non-HBO content category will include the following shows for its consumers:

•    Friends.
•    Pretty Little Liars.
•    The Big Bang Theory.
•    Major Crimes.
•    gen:LOCK (season 2).
•    The Alienist.
•    The West Wing (complete series will be available by winter 2020).
•    The Closer.
•    Gossip Girl.
•    The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
•    The O.C.
•    South Park (all 23 seasons will arrive in June 2020).  

Intriguingly, South Park’s three new seasons will also be made available after 24 hours of their premiere on Comedy Central.

Since a lot is coming to your screens via HBO Max, which show or movie are your picking to watch first?  

Updated November 4, 2019
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