Here’s How to Subscribe to Netflix’s One Year Free Service

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  • POSTED ON: November 12, 2020

In today’s world, four
things are for certain: taxes, death, stress, and scams. After every few days,
the internet has a new bunch of scams making rounds and an even larger bunch
of fools who believe in them. The latest scam in this particular life is that
of Netflix’s free subscription for a year.

Yes, you heard that
right. If you thought that this blog will be a how-to guide to getting a
full-year free subscription of Netflix, you have been fooled again. But hey,
it’s your fault! Why would you even assume that such a thing would happen?

In recent months,
scammers are at it to revive the age-old but fake “Netflix one year free
offer. You must have come across several ads on your social media accounts
preaching how good Netflix truly is; the truth of the matter is that the
streaming platform is increasing its rates once again! Hence, instead of saving
up, start thinking of spending more.

Look, we’re going to
provide you with the much-needed dose of reality: Netflix no longer offers free
trials and these promos are a preplanned set up to steal your money as well as
personal information. Therefore, if you come across any fake email, make sure
you don’t fall for that trap!

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Now how should you
detect the fake emails? That is a great question! We’re going to guide you in
this regard and help you fight this latest scam. Below we’ve answered all the
questions that will come to your mind the minute you come across a fraudulent

Is Netflix Giving 1 Year Free?

We’re going to be blunt
about this: No. Netflix is not offering any free trial that lasts for a year!
Thus, if you’ve received any email that claims otherwise, make sure you block
it. Don’t sign up for this trap.

Does The Netflix Free Trial 2020 or Free Netflix Subscription Still Exist?

Netflix is known for
offering a 30-day free trial for new customers. It has provided this facility
to gain new customers for years! However, things changed last October; Netflix
stopped offering any kind of free trial or promos including free Netflix account. The company is apparently
seeking new ways to explore and expand the market, and sadly, none of those
promotional strategies includes free trials.

So What Exactly Is the Netflix 1 Year
Free Scam?

LoveMoney and Scam
Detector have revealed that there are several versions of Netflix Free One-Year
Trial scams making rounds on the internet. Thus, users can receive an email out
of the blue addressing that they’ve been selected as one of the lucky few to get a free one-year trial period for Netflix.

This enticing offer
will surely make you curious and you will at least be tempted to click on the
link. However, you must not fill out the form attached to that link as your
information can be misused! 

Another scam relies on
Google Calendar. There will be an invitation that offers users to take a survey
first and at the end of it they would receive “Free Netflix for a Year.” Of course, the idea is to not take this
offer seriously and ignore it. They’ll demand unnecessary information like
credit card details and other information. You must be clever and not give it
to just about any survey that demands it.

According to Scam
Detector, Google Calendar will change the setting to prevent the previous
version of the scam. Therefore, what you need to do is go to Google Calendar
settings, and find the dropdown menu and search for Automatic Add Invitations.
Now make sure you change settings to “No,
only show invitations to which I have responded
” and leave the “Show Declined Events” unchecked. After
this change, Google Calendar will block all the spam events.

How to Spot Fake Netflix Emails

You must know that
Netflix Help Center would never ask subscribers to enter their personal
information, like debit card number or bank account details, via text messages
or even an email. The company would never use a third-party to request personal

Thus, Netflix
recommends that if you find spammed emails mentioning how to get Netflix for free forever or Netflix free trial hack in your inbox “don’t tap or click on them. Check out for Netflix lifetime subscription price instead, use legit Netflix login and visit Netflix website for complete information. If you did already, don’t
enter on the website that opened
”. Your step should be to forward that
email to
and the rest will be handled by the company.


 Hope you will now stop looking for ‘how to get Netflix free trial’. Good Luck!

Updated November 12, 2020
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