‘History of Swear Words’: Nicolas Cage Unveils the history, Origins, Pop Culture Usage and Cultural Impact of Swear Words

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  • POSTED ON: January 5, 2021

Who would have thought that one day, Nicolas Cage would give lessons on swear words on January 5? In fact, it wasn’t even in our wildest dreams that
there would be a Netflix original based on the concept of swear words – even if
we did, we would have imagined Ryan Reynolds in this equation, right?

But guess we were wrong; no one could better explain the
science and history behind swear words than Nicolas Cage himself. 

The actor is no stranger to swear words, but
this time, he is taking a more educational approach with phrases that are
forbidden yet widely used (especially by these jerk celebrities).

If you’re planning to make a miniseries about the complicated
phenomenon of curse words, both about their history and their forbidden cultural
impact, you won’t find a better host than Cage!

Also, read in detail about the history and cultural impact of ‘Fuck’ ‘Bitch’ ‘Dick’ ‘Pusssy’ etc here!

The six-episode series opens with Cage screaming his lungs out, “Fuccccckkkk….”
And believe us, it gets more interesting from there! He continues to explain
the history of this supposed acronym, describing how people interpreted swear
words while using and hearing them.

The series is not as informative as a TED talk would be, and
not as funny as an original standup routine, but it’s somewhere in between of
education and entertainment.

Besides, it’s pretty fascinating how a streaming giant
stepping into the etymology and social implication around swear words, since
the use of swear words in popular culture has become increasingly common!

Read the five shocking facts of the History of Swear Words!

Every episode of the Netflix series “History of Swear Words”
takes an all-angle approach at a number of profanities, racial slurs, and other
phrases that are deemed culturally offensive.

The series are more inclined
towards highlighting the pleasure we get after screaming “fuck” with our lungs
out, crying out “shit” after facing a disappointment, and a bunch of creative
genital substitutes.

However, Netflix’s “History of Swear Words” has its fair
share of flaws. It’s not as funny as it teases to be, to be honest. But if
you’re curious to know how the Ghost
star would explain the etymology of profanities, you’ll find it quite

The show is executive produced by Bellamie Blackstone with
Joe Randazzo serving as a head writer. Each 20-minute episode of “History of
Swear Words” is dedicated to a single swear word – fuck, shit, bitch, Dick,
Pussy and Damn, to name a few. 

The show goes on to explain the etymology, origin, and
linguistic history with the help of scholars and experts. It debunks several myths
attached to the origin of swear words, for example, the word “Shit” is not an
acronym for “Ship High In Transit.” The show also examines various words with
divided meanings, some offensive and some naughty!

Here’s the top viral memes of the History of Swear Words!

The series has done a remarkable job of giving much more
information, despite having a short runtime.

The “Shit” episode features a
worthy mention of Isiah Whitlock Jr, The
star. The “Dick” episode features Sarah Silverman talking about funny
named congressman Dick Swett.

You will be surprised to know that the word
“damn,” which isn’t really considered a bad word in today’s world, is the only
curse word in the show that was actually used to curse someone back in the

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Updated January 5, 2021
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