HQ Trivia Finale Before It Shut Down Was Absurd

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  • POSTED ON: February 18, 2020

HQ Trivia has been announced dead!

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HQ Trivia witnessed its last episode yesterday, and it was a drunken disaster. The host sprayed champagne all over and threatened to defecate on the homes of the trolls in the live chat window. When reality set in, he asked people for jobs and then went on to curse everyone and everything like he had nothing left to lose. Pretty sure, he regretted this dumb decision in the morning.

Basically, things have not been good at HQ Trivia for the last two years. Since February 2018, the co-founders of Vine, have been overseeing a decline in their live trivia gameshow app. The abrupt but predicted shutdown was first reported by CNN.

Back in 2017, HQ Trivia received fame and success. It became a viral hit and managed to establish a niche genre for itself. The unique genre of the mobile game gave platforms to hundreds and thousands of users to compete against one another in live tournaments. However, the app failed to make a mark as it had several technical glitches due to which it wasn’t able to sustain itself for long. In 2018, Colin Kroll, the original CEO, died of a drug overdose. After his unexpected death, Yusupov took over and tried to bring new elements to the table. He experimented with fresh formats and developed new means to generate revenue. From the music-themed show, HQ Tunes, to a live photo competition, several exclusive features were observed in the last couple of months.

Obviously, it seems that the experimentation and addition of newer formats just weren’t enough to sustain its initial viral status.

On 15th February, Rus Yusupov sent a message to all of his 25 full-time employees with a heavy heart.

The message was followed by this tweet.

Anyway, better luck next time.

Updated February 18, 2020
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