If each month of 2020 is a Hollywood Villain

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  • POSTED ON: October 2, 2020

We are about one day into October, and it feels like it was yesterday when an invisible virus took over the world and caused havoc… Schools go shut, cinemas are closed, tourist places are deserted, borders are closed and people remain locked up inside their homes throughout half of the year…

There would be no exaggeration to say that this whole year feels like a movie straight from hell! Just when you get in terms with the virus, another worst thing emerges and starts to destroy your peace!

No doubt 2020 has been brutal so far! It feels like we are dealing with a new villain in each passing month… don’t you feel the same way?

Well, here’s what each month of 2020 would have been like if there were a villain:

January- Joker from the Dark Knight

As the Joker makes his return to Gotham City, the chaos follows… everything starts turning upside down… He was an extreme psychopath, with genius-level intelligence and a sadistic sense of humor. This attribute is perfectly fitting with January as the joker in the White house almost pushed US and Iran to the Brink of War that too in January… you know who…

February- Loki from Avengers

The “puny God” is one of the favorite villains from The Avengers franchise. He is mischievous, evil, yet funny…He also has a character arc, just like how February has been in 2020…

March- Harley Quinn

It was the middle of March when things started going INSANE- exactly the state that greatly resembles the characteristics of Harley Quinn. This was the same month when Coronavirus became a ‘Pandemic’ and made us all crazy… 

April- Thanos from Avengers

April was the month when we literally felt like it was Thanos doings… the number of Coronavirus cases started surging through this month, including the number of deaths. Countries started digging mass graves for coronavirus victims, and it was like a massacre! These catastrophic-scenes remind me of ‘Infinity War’, where Thanos goes planet-by-planet massacring people because he believes that the only solution to the betterment of humanity is the elimination of half of the universe… so, you know why I’m referring this month to Thanos!

MAY- Voldemort

J.K Rowling describes Voldemort as a real-life Tyrant, a raging psychopath, devoid of the normal human responses to other people’s suffering. And Death was his ultimate fear! May was that time of the year when we started hearing growing reports of deaths almost every day… 

June- JACK Torrance

The spine-chilling character from Stephen King’s novel “The Shining” gives us all the 2020 June’s vibes. Every minute in quarantine is snatching each ounce of our sanity… In fact, Jack also spent most of his time in quarantine so that’s also relatable!

July- Venom from SpiderMan

Okay, so this villain needs a host to survive! It transfers from one host to another! As soon it attaches itself to the host, they become Venomous! I think at this point of the year, our venom inside us is growing stronger. Before it completely takes over our personality, somebody gotta hit that damn ‘bell!’

August- Tyler Durden

August was probably the time when everything appeared to be going back to normalcy (well, at least it seemed to be). But then there’s Tyler Durden, who with his charismatic and charming persona manipulates people’s minds and gathers a cult following across the world. I’m specifically referring to the anti-mask and pandemic-deniers conspiracists.


By the time we reach September, our hearts have become just as cold as ice- Exactly how after a harsh betrayal turns Maleficent’s pure heart cold. This is when nothing surprised us at all! Even if there’d be a zombie Apocalypse, it would be completely understandable because dude, it’s 2020 anything can happen! 

October- Pennywise

The Halloween month of October is here, and it will totally feel like a villain from a horror movie! The evil creature wakes every twenty-seven years, so who knows maybe it’s his turn to come over and haunt the shit of out of us! I mean anything is possible because it’s 2020…

We would like to reserve our judgments for the next two months! As we hope that the last two months of the year wouldn’t treat us like a villain… 

Updated October 2, 2020
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