Interesting Facts about Hello, Me Star Cast (Korean Drama)

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  • POSTED ON: February 16, 2021

February is an exciting new month as it brings
a lot of positivity and love in the atmosphere. And you know what else it
brings? A ton of K-Dramas for fans! The latest entry that has kept everyone
excited is drama series Hello, Me!

Direction and

The upcoming Netflix romantic comedy is
created by KBS Drama Production and it has been adapted from the novel
Fantastic Girl by Kim Hye-Jung. In addition, the drama has been directed by
Hyun Suk and screenwriting is done by Yoo Song Yi.


The series has Ban Ha-Ni as the protagonist,
who is playing the role of a 37-years-old single woman. She is currently
employed, but lives in fear that she might get fired at any given point. Hence,
you can tell that her overall personality is quite timid and servile. She is
tired of being single and is actively seeking opportunities to get rid of the ‘single’tag.
But that’s not it – here comes the fictional interaction between a 17 year old
and 37 year old Ban Ha-Ni. She comes from the past and is extremely optimistic
– a trait almost alien to the present Ban Ha-Ni.

Netflix Episodes

The first season has 32 episodes, each lasting
35 minutes. However, with Netflix, there have been some changes in the
structure of the episodes. Basically, Netflix will air 16 episodes and to make
that happen, two episodes will be combined summing up to a running period of 70
minutes per episode.

The series is all set to release on the 17th
of February, 2021 and a new episode will be available every Wednesday and


The 37-year-old Ban Ha Ni is played by actress
Choi Kang Hee, who you might have previously seen in Queen of Mystery,
Glamorous Temptation, and Protect the Boss.

Han Yoo Hyun is played by Kim Young Kwang, and
you might have seen him in D-Day, Pinocchio, and the popular Good Doctor.

Eum Moon Suk can be seen essaying the role of
Ahn So Nee, and they’ve previously been seen in Tell Me What You Saw, The Fiery
Priest, and Whisper.

The younger, the 17-year-old, Ban Ha-Ni is
played by Lee Re, who has worked in Start-Up, Witch’s Court, and Six Flying

Oh JiEun is another interesting character
played by the brilliant Kim YooMi who rose tofame with performances in Romance
is a Bonus Book, Cruel City, and Pearl Necklace

Additionally, The Good Detective famed JiSeung
Hyun is playing the role of Yang Do Yoon.

Choi DawChul is another brilliant addition to
the cast. He is seen portraying the role of Park Jung Man. You’ve previously
seen his work in Awaken, Psychopath Diary, and Vagabond.

Ban Ha Young is played by Jung Yi Rang –
popular from his work in The Tale of Nokdu, Tunnel, and The Sound of Your

And finally, the character of Kim Yong Hwa is
played by Kim Ki Ri who you might have seen in The Light in Your Eyes,
Eulachacha Waikiki, and Human Condition.

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Updated February 16, 2021
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