Is Charlie’s Angels really THAT terrible?

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  • POSTED ON: December 14, 2019

The simple and straightforward answer is not really. 

After the first reboot of Charlie’s Angels that happened almost 20 years ago, there was much anticipation about the casting and development of the new one. After all, when the world witnessed Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore serving as butt-kicking special agents, it was no longer just another movie, but a pop-cultural event.

After the thunderous success of the first movie, fans around the world demanded a sequel to the hit machine. However, for a LONG time, nobody was bold enough to take the risk.

Enter, Elizabeth Banks. 

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This intelligent and gutsy actress is no stranger to comedy and famous movie franchises (Hunger Games!). Despite knowing that the stakes were high, she decided to go ahead with a remake. She wrote the screenplay, served as a producer, actress, and also helmed the role of its director. 


Considering that this movie was being doubted as her passion projects, the world was on her side. 

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To make the casting adjustments easier for us, she decided to welcome Kristen Stewart on board. Frankly, it was the casting of Kristen Steward that truly got our attention.

Alongside her, Banks decided to bring Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska, Patrick Stewart, and Noah Centineo in the movie. It was all coming together. This was set out to be the biggest movie of the year. The casting and marketing was a recipe for a blockbuster.

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However, this reality was far-fetched from this.

There are several movie reviews available, and some of them are nastier than the rest. However, to keep the record straight, the movie is neither retrogressive nor snootily patronizing.

Could it be better? Definitely!

Was it unbearably ludicrous? Not really.

Elizabeth Banks made sure that the movie maintains its integrity by keeping it a rollercoaster ride. Although there were some bumps on the road, she kept it buoyantly cheerful.

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Despite the cryptic response from the fans, the casting wasn’t as bad as anticipated. Kristen Stewart was f**king hilarious. She essayed the role of Sabina – the new-age androgynous, junk-loving riot fest. She made an impact by successfully rolling engaging punch line one after the other effortlessly and proved why she is loved by the audiences so much. It was truly a delight watching her play an easy-breezy role for once. Her partners in crime were deliciously crack heads, too. Ella was the fierce ex-MI6 operative, and Naomi was the newbie trying to catch on. 

However, this adventurous ride was quite catastrophic when it came to the script. It seemed like Banks had too much on her plate, and so, as with every globetrotting story approach, the script deterred. 

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Once the trailer was released, there was some backlash as people criticized it for being just another bra-strap baring and hemline flipping movie. To simply put it, they suggested that Banks was trying too hard to make women look badass. These statements could have only come out of a man’s mouth, so we obviously don’t pay attention as the truth remains that women are indeed badass.

To shut down the critics, Banks proclaimed that women can wear whatever they want while jumping from moving cars and crashing motorbikes. Hashtag girl power? 

Some people have decided to label it as “tediously formulaic” as if the Marvel movies and James Bond bullshit is not a matter of concern for moving and evolving cinema. This critique is especially coming from sexist jabbers, so it’s better not to let it ruin our vibes. 

Now let’s be clear that nobody is calling it the best movie ever, but to say that this movie is only being liked by viewers who want to support women for the sake of it is just absurd. Nobody is calling this movie groundbreaking, but it IS S progressive.   

The previous movies were made from the lens of a man. So, clearly, they were objectified and turned into a sex-puppet through hypersexualization. This reboot was drastically different. In one of the scenes, Sabina proved that she was nobody’s angel by humorously turning down the excited playboy smuggler.

Another problem that many critics point out is that in some places, Kristen Stewart tends to overpower the movie with her successful brand image. With the other two angels being less-known, in the end, it became an out-and-out Kristen Stewart show. This argument can be subjected to different perspectives but not completely denied. However, the casting was perfect for the role.

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Prior to its release, Banks played her wildcard by bringing Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, and Lana Del Rey for the soundtrack. The three most admired singers of the current generation made the catchiest tune of the year. Don’t Call Me Angel charted on Spotify, Billboard, and other music lists. It’s truly a BOP! Apart from this, Grande has done two other songs for the movie titled Bad To You and Nobody. Nicki Minaj and Normani also make an appearance. 

Here’s the movie trailer and an unsolicited advice to watch this movie and make your own decision rather than believing the reviews! 

Updated December 14, 2019
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