Is ‘Next In Fashion’ The Next and Improved ‘Project Runway’?

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  • POSTED ON: February 1, 2020

Source: GQ India

Netflix’s new reality series ‘Next In Fashion’ was presumed to be just another Project Runway Knockoff. The show hosted by Queer Eye’s Tan France and Fashion Mogul, Alexa Chung is much better!

Released yesterday, on January 29th, Netflix’s “Next In Fashion’ became Project Runway’s more woke and much successful cousin.

The first thing that the series did right is introducing Queer Eye’s Tan France. The series shows off Tan’s more enthusiastic side, where he is able to steal the spotlight- with Alexa of course! Unlike Tan France, Alexa Chung is not as popular as a host; however, her quirky personality is quite intriguing, and let’s not forget, she owns a fashion label called Alexachung.


While Project Runway’s Tim Gunn was always iconic, it’s safe to say that his dynamic with Heidi Klum did not work as well as the duo featured in Next In Fashion. The chemistry between Tan and Alexa works better on a lot of levels. Both the designers relate with one another, and they crack jokes that are actually funny. The competition series is not only a step up in terms of improving the hosts, in fact, but the show also features eighteen designers from all around the globe, with a talent recognized by famous celebrities.

In the pilot, a contestant also stated that they have designed for none other than Beyoncé!

Next In Fashion further has introduced a much better prize package for the fashion designers. The talents are competing for a prize of $250,000, as well as the opportunity to feature and sell a collection on the online high-end clothing store, Net-A-Porte.

However, the one thing that is different from Project Runway is that the designers have to compete with a partner. Team challenges are the one thing we all dreaded in Project Runway. While it may be good for the designers as they have more hands-on-deck, it’s not really fun to watch considering that each designer’s distinct set of skills is not highlighted to its full extent.

Source: Hello Magazine

Additionally, the show gives an unfair advantage to the teams who previously know each other. In the fashion series, some of the contestants have paired up with people they have known for over ten years, while others are strangers to each other. This is why a lot of the designers have to comprise on their vision in order to do what is best for the team.

For instance, in the very first episode, the designer duo featuring a single mom Hayley, and the army /model/ designer Julian, have to negotiate a lot on their first design, which ultimately landed them at the bottom of the pack. This rule is extremely unfair and honestly speaking, not the best entertainment news for the fans.

Source: The independent

The best part about Next In Fashion is that it does not focus on the drama. Project Runway was all about the drama as it featured a lot of arguments between the contestants. The show was more of a reality TV instead of a designing competition. However, In Netflix’s series, you will end up caring about each designer as they all have kind and generous personalities.

A major difference between Project Runway and Next In Fashion is that there is no shopping at Mood. The designers are usually given an unlimited budget and they have access to a clothing area that comprises of a huge variety of material- including Swarovski crystals. While we really miss Swatch, the adorable puppy at Mood, the change is important because the designers can scrap their ideas at the last minute and create a brand new outfit using different materials.

Source: Decider

Next In Fashion is the Project Runway that went abroad for higher education and came back with culture, sophistication and a woke mentality!

Updated February 1, 2020
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