Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show: Home Edition’ Stars A St Paddy’s Coronavirus Song And His Adorable Dog

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  • POSTED ON: March 20, 2020

Due to coronavirus, strict policies regarding social distancing have been imposed. The same rule is being followed by all the late-night shows in America as they’ve stopped their production indefinitely. 

Source: The Daily Caller

On St. Patrick’s Day, Jimmy Fallon decided to film the entire show from his home. His wife was kind enough to shoot him while his daughters and dog added the entertainment value.

He also explained how the “Home Edition” will work. Basically, every night, he will discuss specific charities, what they do, and how you can approach them – he mentioned all the essential details. It’s a commendable initiative!

Last night, he decided to speak about feedingamercia.org. This charity does wonderful work and feeds the needy, so do check them out!

His daughters also took care of the graphics! Let me just say – much better than the original.

Source: YouTube

The writers of the show sent him the jokes through email. Some of the jokes were actually hilarious, and that’s saying something, considering how unfunny Jimmy Fallon usually is.

At one point, he said: We’re being told to not visit senior citizens and to FaceTime them instead. Whoever came up with that idea clearly hasn’t tried to FaceTime with someone over 70.


Now, here’s the good part. Jimmy Fallon wrote a song which he played while playing the guitar.

“So kiss me I’m Irish, but stay six feet away, ‘Cause no-one wants to get a virus on St. Paddy’s Day.” – Fallon sang.  

Looks like he was inspired by Phoebe Buffay.

If you like, you can sing the St Paddy’s coronavirus Song with your family while quarantined at home alone.

Source: Fidar

Also, Lin-Manuel Miranda joined Fallon for the episode! He performed Hamilton’s “Dear Theodosia” while maintaining social distance.

You too, stay safe, maintain social distance and avoid touching the face.

Updated March 20, 2020
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