Joe Exotic got cats addicted to meth and cocaine, new evidence revealed

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: June 3, 2020

Ever wondered what an addicted tiger cat would look like?
Well, head back to Joe’s Zoo because there are plenty of cats that are
reportedly addicted to meth and cocaine!

Source- Ilahya News

Some of the cats at Joe’s zoo are addicted to meth and
cocaine, according to new evidence submitted by a source, closely linked with
one of Joe Exotic’s husbands.

A source named Albert was a close acquaintance to Travis
Maldonado and knew him before he got married to Joe and moved to Alabama. He
claimed that Travis told him all his adventures at the zoo, and explained all
the benefits he would get after marrying Joe, even though he was straight!

Source- Insider

Albert expressed that Travis used to love adventures, and he
was one of the most curious people he had ever come across. “He used to tell me
some weird stories that go down at the ZOO, but nothing tops the one about him
doing drugs with the Tiger cubs. He said there were two young cubs that got
addicted to cocaine and later got addicted to meth and he used to get high with
them all the time, and Joe helped him get the cat’s high,” Albert revealed.

“Apparently the cats loved to get high so much that they
even knew where he stashed his Paraphernalia and they would bring them to him
when they needed a fix,” he continued.

Albert remained in-touch with Travis for quite a long time.
He used to believe that most of his stories were exaggerated and false until he
saw the Tiger King documentary. “We kept in contact via social media, and he
would call me now and then, we talked on the phone three days before he died.”

Updated June 3, 2020
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