Joe Jonas Brought Back the Bangs in the Legendary Camp Rock Scene Re-creation

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  • POSTED ON: January 24, 2020

Camp Rock was the most influential movie to have ever existed. 2008 was the year when Demi Lovato as Mitchie Torres, taught us to believe, love and express ourselves for the first time. Let’s face it, we all spiritually connected with Demi’s ‘This is me.’ It was the song that guided us to be who we are today.

Camp Rock was so legendary that even the Jonas Brothers could not leave it in the past. In this week’s entertainment news, the boy band recreated the most iconic scene from the Disney Channel original movie, in which they played the celebrity music group called the Connect 3.

Source: Disney+

To provide us with the entertainment that we deserve, a Tik Tok video was uploaded by Joe Jonas on Instagram, with the caption “Presented without comment…”

The boy band recreated the limo scene, where Joe (always the bad boy) was hesitant about going to camp, but Nick (always the good kid) tried to talk him out of it.

 “I don’t wanna waste my summer at some camp! I’m Shane Gray for crying out loud!” Joe spoke out in whiny-teenage-boy sort of way.

“Hey man, we used to love this place! Three years ago, we were campers!” Nick responded in his good boy tone.

Of course, Kevin had to give a dramatic response, “This is where Connect 3… Connected.”

The details of the scene were impeccable. From the limo setting to the outfits, to Joe’s bangs and Nick’s curls, the Jonas Brothers went all out to deliver the fans the gem we all deserved but didn’t know we needed.

The Jonas Brothers are known for their unpredictable behavior. They are one of the few bands who have broken up and reunited again. They still have many adventures to come. In fact, their new Romantic comedy inspired music video for their single, “What a Man Gotta Do” is set to come out on Thursday. 

Their family really does like to stick together. Similar to the “sucker” video, the “What a Man Gotta Do” music video will also feature the band member’s wives, Sophie Turner, Danielle Jonas, and Priyanka Chopra.

However, the most unpredictable part of all of this is the fact that Priyanka Chopra has never seen the Disney Channel original movie, Camp Rock or the sequel that followed it, Camp Rock: The Final Jam. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Chopra stated, “I’ve never seen Camp Rock, and everyone makes fun of me about that, so maybe soon we’ll have a Camp Rock viewing party. I bet it will be great!”

This isn’t the first time that the Jonas Brothers have recreated an iconic television scene. Just a week ago, the brother trio reenacted the most popular scene from Keeping up with the Kardashians.

The historic scene from the show where Kim attacks Khloe with her purse after being referred to as a “weak duck” was recreated by the Jonas Brothers. Yes, the actual scene from 2008, when Kim bought a Bentley and accused Khloe of being envious and ‘ruining her moment.’

Joe Jonas uploaded another video on Instagram, which was captioned “Don’t be rude.” Joe plays the legendary Kim Kardashian, whereas Nick plays her sister Khloe. The reenactment features the original soundtrack of Keeping up with the Kardashians, while the brothers just lip-sync the lines. While they couldn’t get the original outfits from the Kardashians, Joe really committed to the role by prancing through the door with a jacket suspended from the shoulders. Nick, however, didn’t take the role as seriously, since he was only wearing a fringe leather jacket. 

Joe stuck religiously to the script and mouthed Kim’s iconic line: “Don’t be f—ing rude. I swear to god, don’t be f–ing rude… I’ll f—ing hurt you. Don’t do that!”

And of course, Nick also spoke out the response, “Are you kidding me? Stop!”

While only two of the Jonas Brother recreated the scene, Kevin was not left behind. The video concluded with Kevin walking past the due, sipping from a beer bottle, mouthing the words, “Oh my god!” ICONIC!

This re-enactment gained so much exposure that Kim and Khloe Kardashian herself responded to Joe on Twitter. “OMGGGG I love you guys!!!!!” Kim responded. 

Source: Twitter

Khloe also expressed her reaction in a tweet, “I couldn’t love you guys anymore!! Killed it!”

Source: Twitter 

Updated January 24, 2020
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