John Roderick, ‘Bean Dad’: Top 20 Memes and Reactions That Are Breaking the Internet

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  • POSTED ON: January 4, 2021

Starting a new year without a new meme! How is that even

Thanks to John Roderick, a leader of Indie rock group the
‘Long Winters’ and a popular podcaster, has now become our first 2021 meme
character! Yes, John Roderick dubbed 
“Bean Dad” by the netizens after his
thread of tweets about him teaching his daughter how to open a can went viral!

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On Saturday, musician and podcaster shared a story about his
starving 9-year-old struggle or daughter who wanted to eat some roasted beans. After a long
thread of tweets – exactly 23 tweets later- people learned the full story!

So, what was the actual story that created a buzz on social

Basically, his poor child wanted to eat some roasted beans
but then daddy wanted to teach his daughter how to open a tin can all by
herself. Her daughter found it really hard to understand how a can opener
really works because she is only 9 years old, duh! But the caring dad wanted
her child to figure this out no matter how starving she must be!

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After 6 hours of struggles, the annoyed 9-year-old finally
discovered how to clamp on the opener to open the can’s lid.

What sounds like a private family matter became the
most-shared and commented topic on Twitter. Actually, the tone used to narrate
this story actually triggered netizens and created a lot of fuzz on the
internet. Then soon we see words like, “She’s 9, “Apocalypse Dad,” “Bean Dad”
and “SIX HOURS” started trending on Twitter all Sunday morning.

Some criticise the dad for being too harsh to a 9-year-old
child, while others are recounting their own parenting experiences and a few of
them couldn’t stop making the memes out of this all situation…

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Here we have collected the top 10 best memes and reaction to the bean dad or ‘Beans Dad’:

Ken Jennings of Jeopardy!,
Roderick’s podcast co-host also jumped on to the bandwagon:

So, what is the major takeaway from this story?

Well, it’s not about bad parenting, roasted beans or
anything… it’s just like we needed a new meme character to spend our New
Year’s Weakened and poor bean dad became one!

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Guess, he didn’t even see that

So, now we must add this to our new Year’s resolution to
never be a meme character this Year!

Updated January 4, 2021
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