Johnny Depp’s $50M Defamation Trial against Amber Heard Delayed Till Next Year

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  • POSTED ON: February 25, 2021

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case has seen many ups and downs – the biggest
revelation was definitely the one where the latter came out as the abuser. One
can’t deny the severity of this issue – a man was abused and publicly
dehumanized by a vicious woman who continues to defame him and follow up with a
holy act. She used the #MeToo movement to her advantage and exploited our
emotions to another level – borderline sociopathic behavior.

the point is simple: Johnny Depp has been through a lot and the fact that the
$50M defamation case that he filed against Amber Heard continues to rage on
isn’t helping. Apparently, the trial has seen yet another delay, and will now
show evidence in April 2022. The trial will go on for about two weeks.

trial has seen several delays in the last couple of months. Initially, it was
supposed to start on May 7th but a new date was announced on Tuesday
by Fairfax County Circuit Chief Judge, Bruce White. Previously, the
rescheduling was done in September – the push was made as Depp was busy
shooting for Fantastic Beasts 3, but the shoot itself got halted.

though the coronavirus rage continues to rage on across the country, the court
proceedings are still prioritized, at least in Virginia. Another case regarding
a murder was, however, given the date of Depp-Heard trial.

Depp’s UK lawyer was half expecting an oral hearing next month, as the party
wanted to make an appeal concerning their loss in the actor’s libel suit
against a tabloid called The Sun. Heard had counter-sued Depp for $100M last
summer after she dialed to get the first suit dismissed. In addition, her team
tried to file an opposition appeal – Depp’s team has until February 28 to

man was called a “wife-beater” by the tabloid and, despite being innocent, he
lost the case against the tabloid which led to him getting fired from the
Fantastic Beasts franchise. Earlier this month, ACLU and Elon Musk were dragged
into this mess from Depp’s end, whereas Heard tried to bring in the Pirates
Studio, Disney, and LAPD into the matter. Both are trying their best to find
one game-changing evidence or testimony.

are several high profile names involved in the case. ACLU is under the radar,
as it was amongst the two organizations that Heard is said to have donated half
of her $7 million divorce settlement to. Amber Laura Heard is the ambassador of
Women’s Rights for

ACLU and has made generous donations in the past, too.
However, the constant delays in the case haven’t done too well for her.

of this mess began in 2019, when Johnny Depp sued Amber Heard in Virginia for
$50 million. She had written a letter in the Washington Post about her being a
victim of domestic abuse. She had never mentioned his name directly, but it was
carefully implied that it was him. She manipulated the timing and tainted his
reputation in the most ruthless manner. He then got kicked out of Disney’s
Pirates of the Caribbean franchise reboot.

to the filed paperwork, it was Depp who suffered violence in the marriage and
not Amber Heard. She was, in fact, the perpetrator. Obviously, the sociopath
has disagreed with the allegation but there’s evidence supporting Depp – a
video that shows her mercilessly treating and physically assaulting Depp.

case is too emotional. Do we blindly have to support women when it comes to #MeToo?
Yes. That’s the trust that they expect after putting themselves in such a
vulnerable position again and again. But in this case, we can clearly see a man
being tortured and psychologically abused for years now. Do we not say a word?
Is the movement about women or is it about empowering the abused regardless of
their sexual orientation?

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are your thoughts on Johnny Depp’s $50M defamation trial getting pushed to next
year? Ex-wife Amber Heard is an American actress best known for her minor role
in Justice League. But you know what she should be known for? For being a
sociopath on the loose!


Updated February 25, 2021
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