JoJo Siwa Fans React To DaBaby’s Lame Explanation of “Jonathan see why.”

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  • POSTED ON: February 22, 2021

Are you wondering what’s going
on between JoJo Siwa and DaBaby? Well, continue reading as we’ll decode the
beef that’s taken full force in the last few days. So, did the rapper really
release a diss track for the TikTok star? Why would a Grammy nominated rapper
do such a seemingly petty thing?

Social media has been a buzz with
confusion after hearing the Grammy-nominated rapper’s latest diss track which—apparently—
he has made especially for JoJo Siwa.

Fans, as you know, had to get in
on the dirt and figure out the actual reason of such controversial lyrics.
There was a lot of confusion 
amongst the fans as the two shared no beef
whatsoever, and so, it didn’t sit well with some fans as they didn’t approve of
the rapper’s antics – how he so conveniently released a diss track for someone
is just beyond them.

But there’s a lot that we’ve

DaBaby indicated that there’s
an unsaid beef between the duos in his latest Beatbox freestyle. He also claims
that JoJo’s name simply rhymes well with one of his bars.

And you should know that JoJo
Siwa is not the only famous person to be named in the song;the Song also
includes music legends Stevie Wonder and T.I!

We’re wondering why he’s
mentioned their names in his freestyle, because we’re sure that the rapper has
never even met the legends.

Like, what’s going on?

Before the release of the diss
track, JoJo— who is just 17 years old— had come out publicly and joined the
LGBT+ community.

So what exactly are the lyrics? Are they really that mean?

The song is a remix of a Beat Box by SpotEmGottem, and DaBaby raps along

“Usin’ big words like I’m T.I. (Turn up),
Don’twanna get me started, n****, Turn me up, n**** gon’ see why, N****, you a
b****, JoJo Siwa (B****)”

we’re being completely honest, a two year old can write better lyrics.

to the famous music website Genius, “DaBaby
compares the tendencies of his opposition to JoJo.”

he’s simply warning them to never mess with him. But why is he going on and on
about something that they never intended to do in the first place? Imagine this
scenario: You’re living your own life, minding your own business, and one day,
you wake up to a random stranger’s diss track about you. What would you say or

song was released on 19th of February, and the clips have gone viral
on Instagram as millions of people have seen and shared it. On YouTube streams,
the song has earned over 2.9million views. Social media has been buzzing with
action as fans continue to bombard every post of his with comments, demanding
an explanation. They want to know the issue behind this one-sided feud.

person has commented that “That
Jojodiss came right tf out of nowhere lmao” w
hereas another one chimes
in “Other rappers beefing with
shooters and killers while DaBaby beefing with JojoSiw
a” – that one’s got
to hurt!

fact, you know the beef is gaining attention and getting viral online as there
are full-blown memes out there.

there are some sane voices who suggest that the lyrics are being blown out of
proportion. They claim that DaBaby was simply playing with words and using ‘See
Why’ and ‘Siwa’ as homophones.

“I really see how the internet does bc
they blew that dababy line outta was a play on words but I was
bouta go in bc I thought a grown man was coming for JoJo.”
– one of the fans commented.

like what problem could DaBbaby have with a bubbly 17-year-old girl? We
understand that the strange line can get people confused and wondering what
problem could a man have with a teenager.

JoJo fan got furious over the lyrics and tweeted: “YO WHAT DID I MISS DID JOJO SIWA DUNK ON DABABY AT THE

some other fans said: “WHY HE OD ON HER

may be the reason, all of it seems stupid and unnecessary. Sometimes it seems
like people create drama to escape from their boring reality. But if that’s the
case, why drag other people along? Simply mind your own business and don’t mess
with kids to add excitement into your life – that’s just strange.

do think that DaBaby will find other words to play along with next time.

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Updated February 22, 2021
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