Kim Kardashian Might be Considering to Get Back Together with Kanye West

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  • POSTED ON: March 6, 2021

In case you didn’t know, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have
decided to end their marriage.

Last month, Kim Kardashian announced the news of their split by
filing for an official divorce, citing ‘irreconcilable differences.’

Honestly, it wouldn’t a surprise for us, as we all saw that
coming from miles away!

Following the official announcement of their split, there were
rumors suggesting that Kim was the one who decided to end their marriage.

Well, Kim did seem fed up with Kanye’s public mental
breakdowns and his stricter opinions about parenting.

But now, judging from her latest post, it looks like she has had
a change of heart.

“This divorce is happening because Kim has grown up a lot,” a
source close to Kim revealed in a statement to media. “She is serious about
taking the bar exam and becoming a lawyer, she is serious about her prison
reform campaign. Meanwhile Kanye is talking about running for President and
saying other crazy shit, and she’s just had enough of it.”

Following the official announcement of their split, some
reports suggested that Kanye’s “differing visions” on life and opinions about
raising their kids were exactly what caused the rift between them. Their
differences reached to a point where Kim couldn’t take it anymore and finally
decided to walk away from her six-year marriage with the artist.

“They have a different vision of the world and how their kids
should be raised,” a source told to a media organization. “What they want in
life for their kids doesn’t always match.”

Back in 2019, Kim revealed herself that Kanye’s religious
transformation had led to a stricter approach to parenting, which brought about
massive changes in their household – some of which she didn’t entirely agree with.

From there on, Kim remained silent over the state of her
marriage, mostly because she’s saving them all to reveal in the upcoming 20th
and final season of “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” The show is set to
release in two weeks.

You should get your popcorn ready!

Despite being tight-lipped about the situation, Kim is giving
subtle hints through her social media posts about her feelings and emotions to
those who care about her.

Ever since she announced the divorce, she had been uploading
an unprecedented amount of pictures with her kids – from pictures of North with
her new pet Lizard to selfies with Saint and also a cute picture of Psalm, the
40-year-old model seems to be making a clear-cut statement that she is least
bothered by the divorce proceedings and that she is happy with the kids.

But despite that, rumor mills have started churning again and,
this time, they suggest that Kim might be considering a patch-up.

It all started on Wednesday, when Kim uploaded a video of
herself on the treadmill. And eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed that she was
wearing a pair of Yeezys – Kanye West’s shoe brand.

Well, this isn’t it! In fact, she shared another picture of
her youngest daughter, Psalm, wearing a pair of shoes of the same brand owned
by her father.

Just to clear away our doubts, she posted a separate image of
the shoes for us to zoom in and notice the brand she was giving hints at.

Obviously, her post sparked a wave of confusion over the
internet, with fans wondering whether the model is planning to reunite with
Kanye West.

Here’s what they are saying:

Sorry to break this to you, but this ain’t gonna happen!

In 2018, Kanye made her a part owner of Yeezy after she
rejected a huge offer from the knockoff version of the brand.

“A brand offered me a million dollars to a post on some of
their clothing,” said Kim during an interview. “And they typically knock off

At that time, Kanye showed support to Kim and said that he wouldn’t
mind if she’s willing to take that deal, considering the amount of money were
offering her.

But Kim refused the offer in support of her then-husband. In
return of her kind gesture, Kanye presented her an envelope on Mother’s Day,
offering her a million-dollar check with a note that read, “Thank you for
always supporting me and not posting.”

The rest of the envelope consisted of a contract to be an
owner of Yeezy, and my percentage,” said Kim.

So, technically, she was promoting her own brand!

Well, we know it’s heartbreaking that your favorite couple is
splitting up, but it’s better to make peace with reality and move on! Kim is
happy, and Kanye also seems to be at peace with the decision, so there’s no
point of wracking your brain over something that seems unlikely and

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Updated March 6, 2021
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