‘Life Below Zero’, 5 Hard To Believe Facts About The Documentary, Cast and Filming!

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Can you imagine living in areas where temperatures are
mostly below minus 50 degrees? How about living in the wilderness where all you
can see is wildlife, ice and snow?

One night camping with friends in the forest is enough to
get the idea. It must have been difficult to live in the areas where your only
neighbors are a bunch of grizzly bears and the temperature is regularly below

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You realize that it takes a unique capability and
extraordinary resilience to survive there. Well, that’s the life of Sue Aikens at the Kavik River, which had been portrayed in the Net Geo series “Life Below Zero.”

Below Zero
is a documentary series produced by BBC Studios Los Angeles;
the show airs on National Geographic. It provides a sneak peek into daily
struggles and challenges of the people living in the remote areas of Alaska,
and their resilience for opting such a way of living.

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It gives me chills down my spine even imaging the conditions
of surviving in temperatures lower than minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the
Alaska wilderness, where all you can see is snow, ice and wildlife miles and
miles around you.

Nat Geo crew members have been following the lives of the Life Below Zero cast for some years, and
they have announced to launch the series spin-off “Life Below Zero: Next Generation.” The spin-off series will also
follow the individuals who have preferred to live in the middle of nowhere in the
Alaskan wilderness.

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The show aims to provide unique perspectives, beliefs and views
of the people who have opted for such a lifestyle. 

Here are five hard to believe facts about the documentary,
cast members and filming of ‘Life Below Zero’:

difficulties faced by the filming crew members in filming the lives of individuals
living in the Alaskan wilderness

For an average photographer like me, who mostly rely on the
iPhone to capture simple pictures; we often struggle to get the perfect
lighting, the angels or set a perfect focus, etc. That is too in relatively
normal circumstances.

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On the other hand, NAT Geo crew members managed to capture
amazing sequences and images in the toughest of situations of the remote areas
of Alaska for the docu-series Life Below
and its spin-off Life Below
Zero: Next Generation.

Executive producer and show runner, Joseph Litzinger talked
about how they managed to film the series in the toughest situations. He said
that they mostly shot the documentary with GoPro camera and drones. Still, this
equipment needs electricity to charge – which is obviously tough to find in the
middle of nowhere in the 
Alaskan forests. And even if electricity wasn’t an
issue, these technologies are not usually designed to function in such harsh

Litzinger talked about how the crew members managed to
overcome battery issues and to fly drones at high altitude in Alaskan Winters.
He said, “Oftentimes, battery management is the bane of their existence and
depending on the conditions, they have to change the camera batteries every 15
minutes. Over the years they have learned to keep batteries physically taped to
their bodies to keep them warm and ready to get the shot.”

Equipment and electricity issue is just one thing. Let’s not
forget that to capture the lives of individuals who chose to live in harsh
winter conditions in the Alaskan wilderness; you also have to go there and
survive through similar conditions.

While these individuals have long been adapted living in Alaskan
forest, it must have been difficult for foreigners – like Nat Geo crew members
– to survive through such harsh conditions and get the work done simultaneously.

Check out behind the scenes of the documentary here:

Aikens, a resident of Alaskan forest and a subject of Nat Geo documentary
reveals her biggest fear

Nat Geo ″Life Below Zero″

Source: Forbes

While talking to a media organization, Sue Aiken reveals
that the biggest fear of her life is to find “predators at close range.”
Sometimes they have to settle for a mutual agreement to avoid bloodshed and
sometimes their encounters with such predators turn out bloodiest.

Aiken does not regret to live in such a harsh situation

Sue Aikens said that she doesn’t regret much, she said, “I
don’t live my life successfully by ruminating over what should have been a
learning and growth opportunity.”

takes Amazon around 3 months to deliver stuff to Fairbanks

Nat Geo ″Life Below Zero″

Source: Forbes

The whole point of living in the wilderness is to cut off
from the outside world, but Alaskan individuals do not deem it necessary. They
order stuff from Amazon which took around 3 months to deliver at Fairbanks.
After delivery, someone from the group has to collect the stuff and bring it to
the bush plane.

Aikens describes her terrible encounter with a Juvenile bear

Sue Aikens narrated one of her encounter with a male juvenile
bear. One evening, she found a male bear approaching her compound, catching the
older woman completely off-guard and almost killed her. Somehow, Aikens managed
to run back to the camp to call for help, but nobody could come fast enough to
rescue her.

So, she cleaned and mended her injuries all by herself and waited
for 10 days for her fellow-members to come find her.

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Below Zero”
features the life of Sue Aikens, Ricko DeWilde,
Chip and Agnes Hailstone, Andy Bassich and Jessie Holmes – the individuals who
made a difficult choice to live in the Alaskan wilderness where regular
temperatures are below minus 50 degrees. It’s fascinating to learn their
beliefs behind this choice and how they cope up with such a living situation.

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Updated February 1, 2021
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