Little Big Women: 5 Shocking Facts Fans Didn’t Know About!

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  • POSTED ON: February 3, 2021

Little Big Women is an evocative and
immersive look into the life of regular Taiwanese families. Directed by Joseph
Chen-Chieh Hsu, it’s a remarkable piece of life.

The movie captivates the life of Lin Shoying—a
successful restaurant owner in Taiwan— and her three daughters.  On her 70th birthday, her
estranged husband passes away. He had not been in touch with the family in over
a decade, and had been involved with another woman.

Debut of Joseph Chen-Chieh Hsu

This elegant melodrama is Joseph’s
directorial debut, and he’s managed to capture the trivial and innocent moments
of everyday life brilliantly. The pace of the film is slow, as you’d hardly
find cheap thrills in the name of confrontations and plot twists.


There are five strong female leads in the
movie, representing three generations with their phenomenal performances.
They’re each in a quest to find their happiness while they simultaneously
experience loss and grief.

Amidst all the drama that surrounds their
life, they don’t forget to have a good time and offer love to one another.
Despite having a quiet, melancholic undertone, the movie succeeds in leaving an
optimistic feeling in the end.

Family Drama

Little Big Women is about the blood-bound
relationships that remain unbreakable. It’s about a soft connection between
families that remains undeterred no matter how dark the secrets become. It’s
about the unsaid truths and the inability to reach out. The movie has realistic
characters as they struggle to express their truest emotions and maintain
composure on the surface.

The performances will give you goosebumps as
they provide you a glimpse into the complexities of real relationships. You
experience stinging numbness caused by pressing bullet wounds.

Hsu clearly seems smitten by the artistic
style of HirokazuKore-eda – known for creating slow-burning domestic dramas
that depict the true pains of family life. You can compare Big Little Women
with Nobody Knows, Our Little Sister, and Shoplifters.

Casually combining heartbreak and happiness
and maneuvering them into comedic gems, Hsu takes inspiration from his artistic
gods and emphasizes on the simple moments.

Thrives on Emotions & Personal Tragedies

You will strongly relate to the emotions of
these women.You’ll empathize with their personal tragedies without even
realizing and— in the final moments of the film— you’ll learn how to find
happiness after the storm. You’ll understand the actual concept of life: It
goes on.

This family drama is small-scaled in terms of
the budget, but it’s big on the idea and emotions. It’s a film with women at
the forefront who commit to the characters with complete abandon. They showcase
a spell-casting performance that will be relatable and inspiring. 
You’ll find courage within yourself to
relieve and rename your defining moments of life, and a new perspective to things.

Depiction of Modern Day Taiwan

The movie draws inspiration from the recent
group of Taiwanese movies that seem to focus on socially-equipped families of
matriarchs. It showcases the bold, beautiful, and corrupt side of life and
comments on female representation in society. It also politely comments on
privilege, power, and individual accountability.

Hsu is clearly demonstrating his capabilities
and standing out with the line of new-age Taiwanese filmmakers – perhaps
indicating a new wave of cinema. It depicts the northern
Taiwan and Taipei with a sincere observation and adopts few transitional
elements from the central and southern Taiwan. He elaborates his abilities
quite well in this film and captivates the audience with simplicity.

These were the five shocking facts about Big
Little Women that fans didn’t know about. So hit like if you’re a big women or
little women of your family? Also, here’s a final fact for you (something fans of
the movie would love) Calvin Harris was asked to do the soundtrack!


Updated February 3, 2021
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