Miley Cyrus Has Been Wrongfully Villianized

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  • POSTED ON: August 21, 2020

Cyrus is eccentric, all-heart, no-bullshit kinda person. If her heart is in one
thing, she goes with it and feels no remorse whatsoever… at least that’s the
perception that we have in our minds.

singer has been brutally criticized in the past. From her Disney
to the Bangerz
and Malibu
, she has never succumbed to expectations and boundaries, and maybe this
is exactly why people love to judge her so much.

Source: Elle

true that she’s famous and that gives a lot of people the liberty to just make
their own assumptions about her and pass comments without really giving a second
thought. But let’s factor in the point that she’s a woman – and women,
especially in the music industry, have had trouble embracing their own
sexuality and they are never identified without being on the receiving end of intense negativity.

hate female pop stars for being comfortable in their skin and not being apologetic
about anything at all. From Britney
to Taylor Swift, all of them have been scrutinized from the way they
dress to the men they date! Whether it’s their personal lives or professional –
it’s easy to be nasty to them because they’re women.  And the media has a lot to contribute to this

of Miley Cyrus in particular, this woman has literally given album after album
that have topped the Billboard charts, but despite all of this geniuses, you
mostly see her love life making headlines.

she appeared on Call
Me Daddy podcast
where she opened up her entire life in front of
us. She spoke about her massive public break up and how she felt villainized by
the world for moving on so quickly. We all remember how fans were divided and
social media was a complete chaos when she and Liam Hemsworth announced their separation.
Miley even had to come out and defend her character – which is honestly bizarre
because their marriage was not public property.

Source: Daily Mail 

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have never attacked Brad Pitt and pushed him to give a justification of his
character even after he publicly cheated on Jennifer Aniston. On the contrary,
at one point last year, we were shipping them back together. This treatment is
pathetic and toxic! We have double standards and it’s time we acknowledge how
badly we’ve treated Miley Cyrus.

one can deny that she’s a talented singer who gets the job done! She has power,
intelligence, and she owns her craft.

the podcast, she spoke about the burden of being such an icon to so many
people. She acknowledged her privilege and spoke candidly about how it induces
feelings of guilt in her. For her working hard is the most significant thing in
life! She believes that she’s naturally gifted as a singer and because of that
she doesn’t need to put in a lot of effort. Due to this reason, she has always
lived with a sense of guilt which fuels her and makes her innovative and even more efficient.

she was discussing therapy, she spoke about her fear of being alone. Listening
to this aspect of her life was truly empowering because it slightly comforting
to know that even celebrities experience and have their own share of insecurities
and fears.

said that she’s always surrounded by thousands and hundreds of people – and these
people aren’t really her friends or family. And at the end of the day, when she
goes to bed, they’re not there anymore and that transition from being in the
middle of a storm to being entirely on your own is scary and dramatic.

is 27
and she has spent all her life in this industry. Normally, at her
age, people have just come out of college and they’re doing entry-level jobs
and trying to find their feet. However, that’s not the same for her as she has lived
and seen it all! This makes her feel out of place which is why she compares
herself to sportsmen because they experience the same when they enter
their 30s and 40s. She called it winner’s
– an overwhelming feeling of sadness when you’ve achieved it all at a
young age and now there’s not much to look forward to. Going through midlife
crises in your mid-twenties is challenging, especially when you’re a female pop
singer. She candidly discussed the ageism and sexism that’s so casually
existent in the industry.

Now let’s not paint a fairy picture because
Miley Cyrus is still a human being and she has made some mistakes. However, if
we continue to hold on to the things that people have done in the past, we
would never move on. She has been criticized in the past for using the black
culture to show her rebellious coming of age persona. This is a mistake that a
lot of white celebrities do unabashedly. Miley came forth about this era and
with complete sincerity said that she was trying to break away from her Disney
. She no longer wanted to be caged as she felt suffocated and

we must realize that she did apologize for her mistakes. Hence, holding this
grudge against her makes no sense as we must understand that she was quite
young at the time and the media reporting was unfair as well.

much reflection, Miley also revealed that the Malibu era was the only time she
has felt confused and not authentic. She wrestled with the fact
that maybe it was the relationship that consumed her at the time that
compelled her to be in that character.

Source: YouTube 

she’s let go off that controversial past and finally become confident of her
own identity. She is interested in making legendary music and she wants to be
more involved creatively. 

Updated August 21, 2020
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