Mo3: The Final Moments and the Released Footage of Murderer!

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  • POSTED ON: November 24, 2020

On an ill-fated afternoon of November 11th, the rising Dallas rapper was gunned down in broad daylight while driving on a Dallas highway. He was 28 years old.

The sudden demise of the aspiring rapper left everyone in shock and great sorrow.

Rapper Mo3, whose real name is Melvin Noble, was immediately transported to a local hospital after the shooting, where he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead. The rapper leaves behind three young kids along with mo3 shot video and mo3 killer…

The Final moments of Rapper Mo3

A close source from his family reveals that on Wednesday morning, Mo3 was leaving the house of a woman. As soon as he left the house, a suspicious car started following him from there to a nearby gas station. Immediately, at that point, the rappers realized that something is really off and that his life is in great danger.

Mo3 drove his car on Dallas highway in an attempt to lose the shooter but failed. He got stuck in traffic before he quickly left his car and tried to run for his life, but the suspect continued chasing the rapper down and fired multiple rounds, with one struck in his head. A passerby was also shot during the shooting spree but survived; unfortunately, the rapper hasn’t.

Sadly, the rapper’s traumatic final moments were captured on surveillance footage.

The Dallas Police Department released the picture of a suspect involved in the Dallas shooting, hoping that the public would help the department to capture the male suspect. The suspect was driving a 2014 or 2015 model of Black Chevy Camaro.

In the surveillance footage, the suspect is masked and armed while he’s running away from the murder scene in his Black Chevy Camaro. Authorities ask people to contact Dallas Police Homicide at (214) 671-3584 with any details that could help them capture the murderer.

Rapper Mo3 Seen Performing in a crowded nightclub just hours before the tragic death

Just moments before Mo3’s tragic death, the rapper shared a video of himself doing what he loved- performing to his beloved fans in a packed nightclub.

It’s unclear when the video was filmed, but the rapper shared the clip of himself on stage performing to a crowded nightclub the day before he was brutally gunned down in a terrifying highway shooting on Dallas highway.

In the video, the rapper is seen dancing around the stage in a camouflage jumper and his iconic bling as the audience wave their hands in the air and recorded him on their phones.

He uploaded the video on his Instagram story just hours before his sudden death!

Mo3’s close friend and a fellow rapper Boosie also suffered a gun wound in a similar incident in Dallas

Just a few days after the rapper Mo3’s brutal assassination, the social media fans were shocked to hear the news of Boosie Badazz being shot in Dallas- the next rapper that has been shot the same week. Boosie shot started trending on Twitter.

Mo3 signed a deal with Boosie Badazz’s Bas Azz Music label. The two recently collaborated for a joint project, launched on Valentine’s Day, titled Badazz MO3.

The unique collaboration of the two was 2019’s hit “Everybody (Remix),” which gained over 20 million hits on YouTube.

Boosie visited to attend Mo3’s vigil at Dallas and a balloon release ceremony held in honor of the young rapper’s death.

Boosie uploaded a picture on Instagram to give a glimpse of the rapper’s vigil ceremony, thereby revealing his location to the potential murderers and those who want them dead.

During his stay in Dallas, the rapper visited a famous strip mall named Big T’s plaza, where he encountered a shooter. A shooter started shooting bullets on his sprinter and Boosie got one below on his knee. The rapper’s gun wound is considered to be life-threatening. He’s reportedly doing well in the hospital and facing complications due to diabetes.

Some rumors suggest that the rapper might have his leg amputated but his manager Louis Givens dismissed such rumors stating them as “fake news,” and assured fans that this wouldn’t be happening.

Third Rapper: Benny the Butcher was shot this week in Dallas

New Yorker rapper Benny the Butcher was in town for Mo3 funeral. He stopped by a local Walmart along with a few friends. While he was in the parking lot, a car with five men pulled up alongside Benny and asked for their chains.

In a robbery incident, Benny and his friends seemingly moving too slow for the robber and one of the thieves fired multiple bullets into Benny’s leg. His friends eventually fled the scene, as well as the suspect, leaving behind the rapper. His friends later stopped by to contact authorities.

The mo3 dead body was immediately taken for treatment to a hospital. The suspect is still on the run and benny’s condition is yet to be known until mo3 autopsy.

Twitteratis appeared to be shocked by the recent violence against the rappers and continued wondering who killed mo3 or who shot mo3.

Famous legendary rapper Tupac Shakur was also killed in gun violence on September 13th, 1996.

Updated November 24, 2020
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