‘Monarca’ Netflix| Shocking Details You Have Missed So Far!

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Are you wondering about Monarca and that if you should stream it or skip it?

Entertainment seekers can now enjoy the rare foreign talent
that otherwise wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the streaming giant Official Netflix!

While the streaming platform continues to bring foreign content on the
table every year, some of the masterpieces fail to get the fans’ attention as
they deserve!

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Same is the case with Netflix’s Mexican series, Monarca.

Have you seen ‘Monarca’ season 1?


Created and produced by Diego Gutierrez, Monarca tells the story of a billionaire
tequila tycoon and his family thriving in the corrupt world of Mexican’s
business elites peppered with crime, scandals, and violence.

The series was premiered on September 13, 2019 on Netflix,
and the second season dropped on the steaming platform on January 1, 2021.

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Have you watched the two seasons of Mexican crime drama Monarca? If yes, then you have surely
missed out the following details of the show:

Hayek, a renowned Mexican actress endorsed a marketing campaign for a new
product: Tequilla Herederos

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Source: Insider

At the end of September 2019, Salma Hayek appeared to be
endorsing a new product called ‘Tequila Herederos.” This ad sparked a lot of
rumors in Mexico, as the product she was promoting was actually contradicting
with the national and cultural image of the actress.

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But it turned out that Hayek was actually promoting her new
Netflix series “Monarca.” A video ad for the fictional product included visual
components like a snake, barrels in blazes, a bullet striking a glass of
tequila- the kind of things that marketers wouldn’t want to associate their
products with. In addition to this, the actress claimed that the tequila would
have a flavor of treachery “El Sabor de la Taricon,” another thing suggesting
that the product is actually fictional because real-life marketers wouldn’t
want to give their products a connotation like that.

In Netflix’s series, Tequila Herederos is a major product of
the Monarca Corporation, which initiated with simple bottling and distilling of
the beverage and later expanded to massive enterprises including hotels,
transportation, construction, and many other businesses.

The series was bold enough to highlight the fact that a
person needs to build connections within government officials, private
companies and even drug dealers in order to be successful in Mexico.

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The story revolves around Ana Maria, one of the three children
of a business tycoon who are expected to inherit the company. In an unexpected
turn of events, Ana Maria returns to Mexico to take charge of her father’s

In the
series, the social and economic problems behind the spirit industry actually depict
the real-life problems in several Mexican states

The series features the protest of the truck drivers who
struggle to transfer goods through the territory controlled by a drug cartel.
This is actually the problem of several Mexican states where truck drivers find
it hard to move around goods through the area governed by a drug cartel.

Check out the trailer here:

compare the Mexican series with hit HBO drama, Succession

Those who have already watched the series are comparing it with the HBO hit Succession in terms of its themes and setting. This show revolves
around the concept of conflicts and strains within family members when
money and power is involved.

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Updated January 7, 2021
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