MrBeast Burger: YouTubers Ordered Everything From Mr. Beast Burger and Hated It! (Review)

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  • POSTED ON: December 22, 2020

What do you
expect from a $5 burger? A swollen bun with a chicken patty, few fries, some
sauce and drink, that’s all, right? Well, it’s certainly not the case with
MrBeast burger, as people are getting way much more than a $5 burger from a bunch of ghost kitchens!

popular YouTuber with over 48. Million subscribers, Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson
has entered the food business, with virtual franchises called ‘MrBeast Burgers’
all across the United States.  

Wait a minute….
Virtual restaurant? Well, no matter how absurd it may sound, his virtual food
venture has become an instant success!

The YouTube
sensation, widely known for his risky challenging videos, recently collaborated
with Virtual Dining Concepts to expand his delivery-only burger restaurant franchise
across the country.


Just hours after
the launch, MrBeast Burger app became the most downloaded application on Google
Play and on iTunes, along with topping the charts of most popular Google
searches including MrBeast Burger near me.

Anyone who
follows his channel would know how insane he is when it comes to spending his
money, but his latest stunt might be the most massive investment he has ever
made. He’s not just selling burgers; he’s offering a lot more than you can

In his true
benevolent style, he is marketing his newly-launched food venture by giving
away many freebies. With every order, he’s giving away $100 of cash, expensive
goodies such as high-tech gadgets, iPad, and even cars… Beat that McDonalds,
KFC, and Mr. Burger!

He opened up the
burger franchise in North Carolina, and all we see is people queuing up miles
and miles outside his franchise. Eventually, police had to intervene, as it was
causing excessive traffic.

Just recently,
he announced on Twitter that he has opened 300 locations or restaurants across the United
States. These are delivery-only stores and people can order through UberEats,
Doordash, Grubhub and Postmates.

He tweeted, “I
just launched 300 restaurants nationwide! Just go on your favorite delivery app

over-the-top generosity is one thing, but these burgers aren’t free. Actually,
the amount of every burger purchased would go into a charity for feeding hungry

If you want to
try one out, here’s what the menu is:

Beast Style

Chandler Style

Chris Style

Karl’s Grilled
Cheese (4.59)

Crispy Chicken
Tender Sandwich ($6.99)

Nashville Hot
Chicken Tender Sandwich ($6.99)

Seasoned Crinkle
Fries ($3.25)

Beast Style
Fries ($4.99)

Chocolate Chip
Cookie ($2.49)

The burgers are currently
available in American only, but MrBeast has plans to expand his burger
franchises across the oceans. “I’m going to do everything in my power to bring MrBeast
Burger to the international audience as soon as possible,” he said.

But you know
what… MrBeast is not as good as we expected! It’s not us saying this; many famous
YouTubers who ordered his burgers said that they tasted awful!

ReviewBrah shared his two cents about MrBeast’s burger and its overall taste.
He ordered the Beast Style burger, seasoned fries, crispy chicken tender sandwich, and a cookie.

As soon as the
order arrived, ReviewBrah first reacted to the amount of sauce it had. He said,
“It isn’t as saucy as I expected it to be which to me that’s a plus,” he said,
“I’ve seen other establishments do this it’s like there’s too much sauce on it
and it feels like I’m biting in and it’s like this watery mess.”

However, he
found the burger to be overpriced with a mediocre taste, he said, “The bun just
seems to be a little too doughy or chewy.” But again, he appreciated that it’s
a good initiative for supporting all those restaurants struggling during this
difficult time.

ReviewBrah hated
the rest of the meal, especially the chicken tender sandwich. He said, “I’ve
had worse so I’m not vomiting it up.”

Overall, the
YouTuber rated MrBeast Burger 7 out of 10 and said that it’s only good for
supporting small businesses and charitable purposes, and bad for the stomach!

So, have you
tried MrBeast burger yet? If yes, feel free to share your reviews in the
comment section below and do like our Facebook page to stay updated!

Updated December 22, 2020
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