MSCHF Will Pay You For Keeping Your Finger on the Screen

  • AUTHOR: isbah
  • POSTED ON: June 23, 2020

one place that our fingers never leave is the screen of our phones. Well, MSCHF
has come up with an initiative that can get you paid for this. If you do not
know what organization that is, then they are a prankster group that has
carried out stuff like The Office Slack, nostalgic iPhones, and Mr. Beast, etc.
The group has over 35 million subscribers on Youtube so you already know they
are quite famous.


is now collaborating to come up with a game called Finger on the App and this
is what you have to do. Just keep your finger on the phone and the last person
to take it off the screen might get a cash rise of up to $25000. All the people
who lose will determine how much money the winner receives and they can also
vote for $0.


The game
will take place on June 30th at 3:00 ET. Apple users have downloaded the game
to practice for the big day. However, Android users can only hear about it
since they will not be able to participate.


“In this
connected world a million beeps and chimes compete for our attention,” said
Finger On The App’s manifesto, “a deluge of contacts and
content. As our attention spans flee, Finger On The App demands utmost devotion
to a total absence of distraction: a game where you can’t do anything.”


Updated June 23, 2020
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