Netflix Has Canceled “Altered Carbon” After Two Seasons

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: August 28, 2020

Another big Netflix show comes to an end…

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Netflix has cancelled yet another popular and big-budget series adaptation, and this time it’s Altered Carbon that bites the dust…

In April, the cancelation was decided. The decision was taken considering the company’s normal cost/ benefit reasons. In short, COVID-19 pandemic is not the one to blame here; the show has actually fallen victim to Netflix’s cancellation rampage…

Altered Carbon’s cancellation isn’t as surprising. The show released in 2018 as a marquee series for Netflix: a stout-hearted, adult sci-fi series based on a famous series novel with a whopping budget, big action sequences and addressing bigger philosophical issues like what it really means to be human.

Unfortunately, the show received mild praise, enough to only roll out for the second reason. The first season did well with a small budget, fewer episodes, less special effects and moderate set, but the second season failed to create an impact even with a big budget.

After two seasons, Netflix realized Altered Carbon has no potential to become the next Game of Thrones; hence, they have stopped funding HBO-levels of money on it.

Gone are the days when the streaming site used to keep series for several seasons, aiming to build its content empire and allowing each series the chance to attract viewers over time. But now, Netflix has exploded with content, meaning the competition gets tougher, and a much lower bar for success. This leads to the cancelation of even the big-budget shows like Altered Carbon, even after streaming it for two seasons.

Updated August 28, 2020
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