Netflix K-Drama ‘Run On’: 5 Interesting Facts and Messages for Adults!

  • POSTED ON: December 17, 2020

Netflix has picked up
yet another K-drama series, and this one is unique in its storytelling and has
got a bunch of interesting characters!

Run On

Run On is going to be
premiering on Netflix in December as one of the last JTBC dramas of 2020.To
find out more about this brand new show, read on.

Here’s some reasons why you should either stream it or skip it!

First of all, the show
is directed by Lee Jae Hoon and is written by Part Shi Hyun. The series will
have 16 episodes with a 70 minute runtime. The show released on Netflix today,
on the 16th of December, and will release episodes bi-weekly until
the 4th of February, 2021.

It is being said that
the show started telecasting on the South Korean cable network just a few days
before the Netflix premier. The show has a somewhat simplistic plot, but the
way the director has approached it is fantastic and unique.

The show is about a
sports agent Ki Sun Gyeom with a devastating past. He used to be a sprinter for
the national team but was forced to quit after a scandal that ruined his
popularity and reputation. The show also has Oh Mi-Joo, is a subtitle
translator for movies, who is thrilled to see her name for the first time at
the end credits of a movie she worked on.

There’s also Seo Dan-A,
who is fighting to redeem a place in society by pushing down potential
successors for the position of the head of the Seomyung Group. And finally, we
have an art major Lee Youn-Hwa, who enters Seo Dan-A’s life and chemistry naturally
sparks upbetween them!

The show has a young
vibe and we highly recommend it to viewers who are fond of international
content. In addition to Run On, there are several other k-dramas or Korean dramas released in
2020 that deserve a round of applause; Crashing Landing on You, Itaewon Class,
and Hospital Playlist are few of them!

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Crash Landing on You

This show stars Hyun
Bin, who is playing the role of a North Korean solider Ri Jung Hyuk. We also
have Son Ye Jin as the beautiful and effortless Yoon Se Ri. Due to a
life-threatening accident while paragliding, Yoon Se Ri finds herself into the
North Korean territory and that’s where the two characters meet. He watches
over her while trying to find a way to send her back to South Korea.

We have to say that
both actors have impeccable chemistry with one another. The plot was
marvelously balanced and has the right amount of humor, sweetness, and of
course, tragedy. The supporting cast is there to enrich the storyline and work
as a comedic relief. Overall, it’s the chemistry that will leave you wanting
for more! You can watch it on Netflix. See 87+ anticipated movies and books in2021!

Itaewon Class

Park Sae Roy has had a
rough life; he saw his father die in a hit-and-run accident, then got expelled
from school, and he was also sentenced to jail for almost three years. The
cause of this tragedy was his family who got trapped into the controversy
related to the biggest restaurant chain in Korea. Once he comes out of jail, he
decides to take revenge of all the things that happened to him when he was

The character
development of Park Sae Roy will be the one to remember! You’ll marvel at him
as he seeks revenge from the people who tore his family apart. Even though he
has his shortcomings and faults, you’ll find yourself rooting for him. He’s
eclectic with his interests and a misfit in general. Do give this series a
watch as you’ll be sincerely moved.

Hospital Playlist

If you’ve seen Greys’
Anatomy, it’s time you broaden your horizon and watch it in Korean. Kidding!

Jo Jung Suk,
YooYeonSeok, Jung Kyung Ho, Kim DaeMyung, and Jeon Mi Do will be seen as five
doctors who’ve been friends since their years in medical school. They work at
the same hospital now and have new experiences together. It’s a show about
their friendship, their romance, and some tragedy (well, they work in a

One of the best things
about this show is the effortless bonding of the actors. It seems as if they
were all friends for life and are only acting as themselves. Their interactions
are relatable and fun to watch, and really makes you miss
your own friends and the banter you all share. We really urge you to give it a
watch during your December Global Holidays!

There you have it! We
must tell you that Netflix K-Drama ‘Run On’ is amongst 5 great K-dramas! Hope you
enjoyed the 5 interesting facts that we told you as they hold messages for
adults (Do you know why cyberpunk 2077 is trending on PornHub). Since this is an original series from Korea, you must watch it and the
three others so that you expand your palate and consume content from across the

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Updated December 17, 2020
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