Netflix’s Messiah Has Ignited a New Debate on Social Media

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  • POSTED ON: December 9, 2019

Is this the beginning of the end? 

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The head of Netflix, Reed Hastings, had previously disclosed his humongous investments in creating quality content. And damn right he was serious.

The streaming service will kick off the year 2020 with Messiah – a series on a very controversial topic.

Considering the fact that it tackles with religious beliefs and formative human psychology, the show has already ignited sparks on social media platforms. Although the conspiracy theorists are ardently awaiting its release, strong believers have raised concerns over the premise of the series.

The storyline revolves around a time in the world where the population is divided into believers and non-believers – reflecting religious predictions to cause further mayhem. From drawing connections with Anti-Christ to creating fear of polemical portrayal of the religious figure, the trailer has pressed all the right buttons.

The trailer opens up to a man who is polarized by others. Some view him as a messiah who saves a child while others remain hesitant and fearful as he comes with no background or history. Nobody knows where he came from, and having no knowledge about his past provokes a sense of fear.

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The American National Security is, as expected, trying to figure out his intentions. They view him as a cult leader who is leading people to their deaths. On the contrary, some people consider him to be a Prophet who is simply a vessel conducting Godly acts. His constant appearance and disappearance have resulted in a media frenzy that has raised questionable political debates to discussions over religion and refugees. Basically, the trailer promises everything you need to get hooked to this show.


Really, give a raise to the person who came up with this idea!

This is genius writing because it has created intrigue within people. Even the ones against this show are guaranteed to watch it as the trailer has successfully created a stir. There are memes everywhere which is a sign of social media success. From news channels to frivolous magazines, the trailer is spreading like wildfire.

We don’t know if the show runners purposely picked the actor for this portrayal. As from the religious point of view, he strikes perfect resemblance with Jesus Christ. So, this can create confusion in judging whether he’s a good guy or bad.

In addition to this, the actor’s real name is Mehdi Dehbi. According to Islamic doctrine, the most pertinent sign of the Judgement Day is the return of Imam Mehdi. So, you know, Iman Mehdi – Mehdi Behdi? Get it?

Speaking of which, the Arabic fans have already pointed out a big spoiler in the clip. Basically, in the trailer, the whites have made an error in research. Obviously, they didn’t fact check before naming the messiah. In the trailer, they have revealed his name to be ‘Al Massih ad-Dajjal’. Muslim population already know who Dajjal is and what he stands for.


Netflix is being very passive-aggressive and blocking the accounts who are revealing the spoiler.

These are some of the reactions to the trailer.

White hypocrisy peaked when…

Haven’t watched the trailer? Here it is in case you’ve missed it. 

Netflix – Messiah Trailer

Updated December 9, 2019
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