Netflix’s Red Dot: Everything about its plot, cast, trailer, and ending

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  • POSTED ON: February 8, 2021

you a fan of those movies where there’s a single location, one man show, and a
limited budget? Well, we’ve got a new suspense thriller in store for you!

Exam, Phone Booth, Grand Piano, Escape Room – think of all the movies that were
filled with vengeance and thrill when you decide to watch Red Dot, the new
Swedish Netflix film.

movie is directed by a Swedish filmmaker, Alain Darborg and has Anastasios Soulis
and Nanna Blondell at the forefront. The couple tries to spice things up in
their life by camping at a snowy hill of Sweden.

course, things get out of hands with the arrival of a red dot. A red dot, you’d
ask? Well there was a shot aimed at them for no reason whatsoever. When the
rifle starts showering at them from nowhere, the couple run into the wilderness
to survive and solve the mystery of what’s happened to them.

you think about it, the high-concept thrillers that were provided above took
place in a somewhat closed space. The Red Dot is different, as it takes place
in the wilderness which makes you want to believe that they’re actually just
trying to survive. The cat-and-mouse chase soon takes a turn as things go horrifyingly haywire.

know, this will be unique mixture of genres. You’ll find instances where the
sequences are shot in a fast-paced manner just to add more to the thrill but,
at times, things become so grotesque that you’re bound to feel touches of

movie is all set to premier on Netflix on the 11th of February,
2021. Check out the trailer!

trailer doesn’t seem to give away too much information, so we have to give it
to the editor who made the cut. We can’t wait to watch
the couple go through a serious predicament.

the final cut of the trailer as we feel that it’s a major clue for what we can
expect in the ending!

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Are you excited to watch the Swedish
horror-thriller? The cast, trailer, plot and setting of Netflix’s Red Dot looks
promising, don’t you think? And we anyway love survival thriller when it comes
to movies, right?


Updated February 8, 2021
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