Netflix’s Red Dot Trailer: 3 Reasons You Should Avoid Watching the Swedish Psychological Thriller

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  • POSTED ON: February 9, 2021

Netflix has broadened the horizon of its foreign content, as
the streaming-giant is set to bring its first-ever feature length movie from
Sweden to our digital screens.

Red Dot is an upcoming
Swedish Psychological thriller, expected to drop on Netflix on 11th

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The trailer is already out! And it seems like the kind of
movie we shouldn’t be watching in the first place. Here are three reasons why
you should avoid watching the upcoming psychological thriller from Sweden:

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It has
a lousy plot:

Red Dot is a tense-looking
Swedish thriller that follows a couple, David and Nadja (starring Anastasios
Soulis and Nanna Blondell), who goes on a ski hike in an attempt to rekindle
their tumultuous relationship after the couple gets pregnant.

Their romantic trip turns into a nightmare when a red dot
from a rifle appears on their camp. They are forced to escape into the
unpleasant wilderness chased by an unknown sniper. Totally isolated on the
mountains, the couple face some unsettling truths from their past.

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While the trailer doesn’t give much details about horror-thriller,
the overall theme of the movie looks lousy and boring. It’s something we have
already seen in the movie The Mountain between us!

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Okay, may be the red laser light part is interesting. There
are people who are afraid of red laser light, but we sure don’t want to see a
movie entirely based on such a fear.

Besides, a red dot doesn’t necessarily indicate that a
sniper has you on their target. The same lights are also used in Christmas
decoration. Also, if you’re a cat owner, you probably have one at home, as
these four-legged creatures love to play with red dots.

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Perhaps the movie is trying to show a perspective of how it
feels like when you shine a laser toy at cats. Or may be there’s a kid with a
laser pen, messing around with a couple. Well, who knows…?

movie may feature a brutal death of an adorable dog!

If you don’t have the stomach to watch an adorable dog being
shot brutally in the woods, you should not watch this movie.

In the trailer, the couple takes their pet dog along with
them to the night camping. Like any other survival movie, we have seen people
let go of their pets for the sake of their survival.

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Or sometimes these kind
animals sacrifice their own lives in order to save their hooman.

So, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a shooter killing the
dog first in an attempt to scare the couple. 

movie has only three characters

Red Dot has only three characters: husband David (played by
Anastasios Soulis) and wife Nadja (played by Nanna Blondell). The identity of
the shooter is not known yet; it could be a woman too, who knows… We have to
wait till 11th February to find out. Meanwhile, check out the full ‘Red
Dot’ trailer here:

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Updated February 9, 2021
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