Nevada Election Takeover: 50 Hilarious Tweets, memes and TikTok Reactions

  • AUTHOR: midhat
  • POSTED ON: November 7, 2020

to the third episode of “Who wants to be the next President of the United
States”, a reality show none of us Americans had signed up for but at the same
time can’t get our eyes off of!

as you may know already, results are pouring in from different key battleground
states, and some states have already accounted for, with one state in
particular becoming an unexpected standout: NEVADA!

particular state is just counting the ballots at a turtle’ pace, which feels
like forever! In other words, Nevada is really trying to test our patience!

ever since people have been reacting to this getting-on-the-nerves election
scenario on social media in the best way they know: US Election MEMES

you’re looking to refresh your mood with best memes 2020 or tiktok reactions while waiting for the final results to come
in, here are some of the most hilarious reactions to the Nevada election
takeover! Scroll down and cheers!

that one attention seeker State!

Gotta prepare their bullet journals!

or maybe, we didn’t really understand the process…

maybe, they just need our lil bit of encouragement and support…

So, they are not alone…

America is ANXIOUS!

Updated November 7, 2020
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