Nicki Minaj’s Birthday Special| Top 20 Viral Memes, Videos, and Reactions!

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  • POSTED ON: December 9, 2020

If you tell us that
Nicki Minaj changed the scene for female rappers in the industry, we wouldn’t
argue. She has truly made a name for herself by working on her music and
rhymes. She started her career with Full Force, a Brooklyn music group, but
went on to make independent mixtapes, like Sucka Free and Bream Me Up Scotty.

She is known for her
ability to produce impromptu raps with distinct accents. Her fan base increased
due to her use of alter egos and sharp flow of words. If you listen to her
songs like Anaconda, Starships, and Turn Me On, you can’t help but stand up and
dance to them.

Recently, Nicki made
her pregnancy (eventually the baby) public with husband Kenner Petty. She was
seen flaunting her baby bump in a Bedazzled Bikini shoot on Instagram.

As a fan of Nicki, you
can’t help but marvel at how unique her brand is – she can freestyle in a wacky
outer space suit and make it look fashionable. She’s been bold and experimental
with her choices from the start, and that is exactly the reason why her fan
base keeps growing. And the most interesting thing about her is her comfort –
she raps so effortlessly and that is super inspiring to see.

If you’re tracking a
red carpet, all you need to do is look for a bright colored wig and you’ll find
her amidst the crowd of hundreds. Her accessory game is also top notch, adding
to the overall provocative assemblage. 

Anyway, the reason why
we’re praising Nicki Minaj so much today is that it’s her birthday! Given
how terrible the year has been, we’ve decided to celebrate the day by talking
about an empowered female rapper.

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Nicki has turned 38 this year and—with some
of the greatest albums

behind her, a beautiful baby in the present, and a
supportive husband by the side— it seems like she’s got it all.

To celebrate this
Trinidadian-American rapper’s 38th birthday, her mother, Carol Maraj
penned a sweet note:

this night, 38 yrs ago, I cherished every moment, for it would be the last
night you would hear my heartbeat from the inside and tomorrow would be the
first day of me seeing my heartbeat on the outside. The joy of being able to
hold my baby girl took over and I couldn’t wait to meet you. I think you wanted
to meet me too because you came bright and early.”

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This year, her birthday
must have been one of a kind as she’s a mother herself. Of course, her mother’s
birthday wish must’ve felt a hundred times more special.

Fans from around the
world have been sending her wonderful birthday messages on all social media
networking sites. People call her the Queen of Rap for a reason – she has
proved it through her top-charting music! She’s been dominating the game for so
long and she looks good doing it!

Although most of us
have had a terrible year, Nicki still had so many things to celebrate! First of all, she
made it to number 4 on the list of Top 9 R&B and Hip Hop artists of the
decade.  She also commemorated her debut album’s 
anniversary, and revealed that her autobiography docuseries
is in the works.

She said: “I’m very excited to finally share with you
guys that my docuseries is coming to HBO Max! It’s gonna give you guys a raw,
unfiltered look at my personal life and my professional journey and I can’t
wait to share it with you.”

To celebrate Nicki
Minaj’s birthday, we’ve compiled Top 20 viral memes and reactions for our
birthday special segment. So check out the best memes and Nicki Minaj
pictures to get in on the fun with us!

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Updated December 9, 2020
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